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Beeline Cost Savings Calculator

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Beeline Cost Savings Calculator

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Based on your response, Beeline projects 0 in savings. The projected savings is based off of potential soft and hard dollar savings your organization may realize by maturity of a Best in Class VMS and Managed Services program. This cost savings calculator provides estimates only. These estimates are not a guarantee. There are a number of other factors that will affect actual savings.

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Beeline Cost Savings Calculator

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Intelligent workforce solutions
  • Get the big picture on services procurement management from a Beeline expert.
  • Services Procurement - Give yourself an edge in managing project-based services.
  • Workforce Analytics - Raise your visibility into your program.
  • Give your career an edge - Discover the benefits of working at Beeline.
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Professional Consulting Services

Our Professional Consulting Services bring together the expertise learned from over 100 implementations with Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations throughout the world. Our Professional Consulting team has deep, first-hand knowledge of our programs and software solutions – including a wide variety of premium services offered ongoing or a la carte throughout the life of our engagement with your company.

Our Professional Consulting Services can include any combination of the following:

Advisory Services

Unique to our industry, Beeline’s Advisory Services provides consultative services in contingent workforce solutions from implementation through steady-state operations. Advisory Services consultants assess your contingent workforce programs at key junctures to identify opportunities to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and enforce policies. Learn more about our Advisory Services »

Change Management

We incorporate years of implementation experience into our change management techniques and communication tools focused on ensuring program success. Led by seasoned industry veterans, our approach to change is based on a proven change management methodology that is integrated with our implementation methodology. Our comprehensive change management methodology helps you initiate, plan, execute and control change effectively. And we provide the training, tools, resources and support to ensure successful delivery of change.

Contract Management

In the event you select Beeline to maintain the contractual relationship, our contract management team will facilitate contract execution, addenda, terms and conditions, confidentiality disclosures and miscellaneous documents with all vendors on behalf of the client. This team will also maintain records onsite of all executed contracts and documents with vendors. We will only include vendors that have executed required contracts, documents and provided insurance required. Our reporting can be utilized to ensure vendor compliance with required contractual terms and conditions.

Client Analytics

We offer this service to help Program Offices analyze data valuable to the health and efficiency of the program. Our analytical experts will take your data and transform it into insightful visualizations that help you make quicker, more informed decisions.

The old way of taking data from reports, exporting it to Excel, and building analytics through the Excel PivotCharts functionality took days, sometimes weeks. The power of Beeline Analytics can save this valuable time and give you configurable visuals without any of the headaches.

Want proof? One of our clients used to spend one week every month compiling a report in Excel that allowed them to have a dashboard of request activity and statuses. Beeline was able to recreate that same dashboard in our Spotfire Analytical platform in a matter of days, using data pulled directly from the Beeline VMS. The result is an informative and attractive snapshot of the client’s requests with zero start-up time each month – a savings of 480 work hours a year!


We accommodate client specific enhancements through the use of a Client Change Request. Client Change Requests are enhancement requests that are designed to benefit one client only. Our Product Management team reviews the Client Change Request to determine whether or not the request can be managed through configuration. If the request requires development, Product Management works closely with your Client Solution Analyst to determine the feasibility of the request. If the Client Change Request is approved for consideration, a preliminary level of effort will be communicated.

Once the development effort and, if applicable, cost for development are approved, the changes are prioritized within the development schedule. Once the development is complete, you have the ability to test the changes before they are pushed to production.


We offer a variety of training options as a part of our overall change management efforts, program launch, and ongoing program adoption. These options include eLearning, multi-media, and instructor led training.

Market Analytics

We provide benchmarking consulting by leveraging our proprietary tools, SmartView® and SmartRate. Our innovative approach provides your organization with accurate, detailed market rate intelligence necessary for driving strategic rate decisions. Our tools empower you to seek and explore real market rates based on job titles, descriptions and skills across a wide range of job classes, locations, and taxonomies. They leverage intelligent searching combined with statistical and visual analysis to provide accurate rate information based on criteria defined by you. Our tools’ interactive drill-down capabilities take you deep into descriptions and skills to locate hard-to-find skill sets. SmartRate also leverages geo-mapping to provide insight into talent pool location and movement.

Rapid Business Assessment

Our Rapid Business Assessment provides a succinct analytical review of current services spend processes, sourcing practices, risks, procurement lifecycle, supplier management, technical foundation and change readiness. Through a Rapid Business Assessment, you’ll gain real insights into your flexible workforce practices and supplier behaviors. Let us perform a Rapid Business Assessment and recommend actions to optimize the effectiveness and control of your flexible workforce. Learn more about our Rapid Business Assessment »

Rate Card Analysis

Are you using the right rate card structure for your program? Is your rate card causing quality issues or retention problems? Should you even publish a rate card? Rate cards are central to any flexible workforce program. However, they must be attuned to your program strategy. Our Rate Card Analysis provides you with options to design your rate card to minimize operational changes and fit your program strategically.

Vendor Management

Supplier onboarding and vetting is one of the most important steps in the vendor management process. Our dedicated Supplier Management Team is experienced in providing a seamless, efficient supplier vetting process. And our proven methodology minimizes risk for co-employment and ensures you best leverage the services of fully-qualified staffing suppliers.

For more information about our professional consulting services, please contact us today.

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