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Beeline Cost Savings Calculator

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Beeline Cost Savings Calculator

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Based on your response, Beeline projects 0 in savings. The projected savings is based off of potential soft and hard dollar savings your organization may realize by maturity of a Best in Class VMS and Managed Services program. This cost savings calculator provides estimates only. These estimates are not a guarantee. There are a number of other factors that will affect actual savings.

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Beeline Cost Savings Calculator

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Standard Services

Our standard services set us a cut above our competition. These standard services are included with the ongoing use of Beeline software:


Our Implementation team delivers a comprehensive program – from project initiation through steady – state account maintenance.

Client Services

The Beeline Client Services team is responsible for providing clients and managed service partners with post-implementation service and support of Beeline applications. In order to provide the best customer service possible, Client Services is separated into two distinct departments:

Product Training

To meet the training and business objectives of our clients and services partners, the Training and Development team delivers a specific training curriculum for each end user type of the Beeline applications. By tailoring each training opportunity to meet the needs of the individual user type, the Training and Development team achieves a higher knowledge retention level than traditional static training methods. The Training and Development team also offers specific training based your needs – the types of training you require are determined during implementation

Available training sessions include:

  • Hiring Manager
  • Financial Approver
  • Supplier / Recruiter
  • Supplier / Financial
  • VMO/Managed Services
  • Train the Trainer

Beeline Help

Beeline Help, our online help system, provides access to searchable topic-oriented information about our products. Online help is designed to provide assistance in the use of our products through Quick Reference Guides (QRG,) FAQs, User Guides, and Video Tutorials. In addition, a collection of all current and past release notes and videos are available from within Beeline Help.


IdeaStudio, Beeline’s online user community, provides a means for you to impact our product development and roadmap. Within the IdeaStudio community, you can submit enhancement ideas, vote on ideas, and collaborate with other users. Submitted ideas can address current challenges you face, innovative ways to improve our processes or products, and best practices for your program. Topics are monitored and updated throughout their lifecycle and you can receive automatic notifications as changes take place. Since its inception, upwards of 35% of newly developed features have originated in IdeaStudio and this number continues to grow with each seasonal release.

VMS Online Training

The VMS Online Training provides self-paced, interactive training for common tasks performed in the Beeline VMS. The courses include in-depth video demonstrations and simulations that allow the user to view how a task is completed and then practice the tasks themselves. The VMS Online Training was developed to provide another training option in addition to our existing Training webinars and instructor-led training products.

For more information on our Standard Services, please contact us today.

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