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Beeline Cost Savings Calculator

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Beeline Cost Savings Calculator

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Beeline Cost Savings Calculator

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Client Services

Our client services include our Client Solutions Center and product support.

Client Solution Center

The goal of the Client Solution Center is to build and maintain strong long-term relationships with our clients and Managed Service partners. We achieve this by gathering detailed knowledge of each client’s unique configuration, maintaining frequent communication with the client program, effectively issuing management, and proactively seeking ways to improve the program through the use of Beeline technology.

The Beeline Client Solution Center employs a team structure made up of Client Solution Analysts (CSA) and Senior Client Solution Analysts (SCSA) to best support our clients. This structure allows for more effective information sharing, a more client-focused approach and support redundancy for Business Continuity planning. The Senior Client Solution Analyst is also responsible for ensuring that the CSA complies with department policies and procedures and with the overall satisfaction of the client.

Client Solution Analyst

The Client Solution Analyst (CSA) is your primary point of contact at the Client Solution Center. Each CSA has the following skills:

  • Advanced knowledge of the Beeline application and the supporting business services
  • Advanced problem solving skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with clients, managed services and all levels of management
  • Ability to prioritize multiple responsibilities and meet deadlines under tight time constraints
  • Ability to continuously learn and grow in a changing environment
  • Ability to proactively manage and develop client and managed service relationships

Product Support

Beeline Global Product Support is the first line of defense and the strategic hub for all Beeline users in need of assistance, no matter where they are in the world. The support desk is staffed 24/7/365 with Product Support Specialists who are Beeline VMS experts and capable of supporting Beeline users with a wide range of needs.

Examples of common support requests include:

  • Troubleshoot, validate and escalate any functionality related issues
  • Assist Beeline users with all enabled functionality based on the caller’s security rights
  • Beeline Time Entry support
  • Supplier candidate management

Beeline utilizes a distributed Product Support Team and maintains physical locations in Jacksonville, FL, Montreal, CA, Manila, PI, London, UK and Wittenberg, Germany. Using this distributed structure allows Beeline to provide localized support in 17 languages while at the same time maintaining a fault tolerant environment that will keep client programs functioning in the midst of any disruptive event.

For more information on our Client Services, please contact us today.

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