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Beeline Cost Savings Calculator

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Beeline Cost Savings Calculator

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Beeline Cost Savings Calculator

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Software as a Service (Saas), the industry standard, is a compelling option for Vendor Management System (VMS), offering significant benefits to organizations. However, it is vital to evaluate the differences between VMS SaaS vendors to avoid any long-term quality, innovation and change management issues. We recommend you look beyond the typical architectural concerns – especially if your organization is more familiar with traditional, on-premise software deployment – to capabilities that will drive success. You’ll discover that we are uniquely positioned to deliver for your organization.

The SaaS model of software delivery, whereby software and data are hosted externally and delivered over the Internet provides many benefits including faster implementation, more frequent enhancements and overall reduced cost of ownership. Factoring in the current reality of minimal available IT bandwidth, combined with Procurement and HR’s need for increased cost savings, selecting a SaaS VMS is likely the only viable option.

Be more flexible.

Each business domain is built to accommodate the unique needs of our current and future clients. By leveraging configuration, we’re able to reduce the amount of code required to support your organization’s existing business processes and cut down on the time to implement.

Your organizational processes around procurement, staff augmentation, outsourced services and projects can be mapped directly to steps within key workflow activities and integrated with your enterprise systems such as popular ERP, identity management and invoicing/remittance systems.

We provide full support for international languages, currencies and business rules with prebuilt localization for numerous countries and the ability to quickly and easily add new country support.

Beeline is not an out-of-the-box application – we’re an outside-the-box application. Thanks to the make-up of our technology, we are able to accommodate everything from a simple request like changing a specific word within the application to applying unique tax logic to provinces within specific countries.

Be more secure.

Your data is our number one priority. By housing each client’s individual application within a separate database, we are able to ensure that it is physically impossible to for their data to be crossed or compromised. Our clients’ applications, databases and integrations are insulated from other client implementations. Servers, network and storage solutions are hosted in a tier IV datacenter offering top of the line redundancy and security across all capabilities. A dedicated information security and privacy team stays on top of continuously evolving industry best practices and implements those into the Beeline organization. Robust identity management ensures the right people have access to the right information at the right time. In addition, our internal staff adheres to a rigorous SAS 70 audit process.

Be more effective.

Our web and database environments are hosted in clustered configurations. This ensures faster application response and improves uptime. Our development process leverages both automated regression testing and application load testing to ensure a higher level of quality and performance over time.

Be more agile.

We are constantly performing market analyses to ensure that the solutions we provide solve the problems our clients are facing. We provide continuous training for our technical staff to guarantee skills and exposure to technology is kept current and forward looking. Our software development uses an Agile framework to allow for rapid response to change in client and market demands. The use of Agile results in a highly collaborative environment where Product Management, Development and Quality Assurance work together closely and constantly to ensure the highest quality product is delivered frequently. In fact, we release software updates at least 10 times a year.

Be more informed.

We have established a reputation in the industry as a leader with a keen vision and innovative approach to the art and science of extracting usable information from data. Understanding that effective and actionable workforce intelligence resides at the intersection of business knowledge and technology, we lead the charge in providing powerful, cutting-edge analytical tools and flexible reporting solutions to provide crystal clear vision into your organization’s business process.

With technology such as in-memory analytics, agile interactive data visualizations and embedded contextual analytics, Program Managers can expect "insight at the speed of thought" while engaged in strategic decision making.

For Operational reporting needs, we have created our own proprietary information delivery engine designed to provide all the information that matters, when it matters the most. Our platform features a self-service report builder that allows you to create and configure reports, charts, metrics and key performance indicators that suit your organizations unique business needs. However, we take it a step beyond traditional Business Intelligence solutions by providing technology to personalize the way that information is received.

Whether it’s a data-rich visual dashboard, key indicators "at-a-glance," time-sensitive email alerts, embedded information nuggets, or standard tabular reports, our Reporting and Analytics are built with the most advanced technology available to deliver the right insight, to the right person, at the right time.

For more information about our technology infrastructure, please contact us today.

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