What does your map look like?

As the VP of Global Strategy, the question I most frequently get from friends, family, and colleagues is “Where are you going?”

Global Visibility Ironically, this week I am home in Jacksonville, Florida, USA with two of my four children. My 11 year old is participating in an international camp near Stavanger, Norway for four weeks, and my wife and 16 year old are teaching near Itabo, Cuba for ten days. We are truly part of a global society, and our world is more interconnected than ever before. Beeline is no exception as we continue to grow and expand our operations in Europe and Asia. While I want to have global visibility to my children and friends through blogs, email, and pictures; our clients want to have global visibility to their non-FTE workforce. Fortunately, we have Beeline employees around the world to help. We continue to expand to new countries every quarter so clients can leverage our global technology platform. Historically most of our work has been US based corporations expanding their visibility around the world. Now companies in these countries are excited about Beeline and our capabilities, technology and people. What does your map look like? My children gave me a large map that is on the wall in our kitchen for my birthday. As most American’s know when you socialize, everyone congregates in the kitchen. It constantly reminds me and my family of our place in the world and all of the different, exciting people and places on our planet. This map has magnets with different colors that show where my family members have been and want to go. Eventually, when guests are in our home, I get the question, “Who has been to Antarctica?” The answer is no one has been there, but it is the height that my 5 year old can reach, so it was important to her. As we continue to expand, we need to continue to stretch. My fifteen year old picked her up and helped her broaden her perspective, so now we answer the question, “Who has been to Egypt?” As our clients continue to expand globally, we have the local knowledge to help you deploy and operate a localized program while giving you global visibility. As part of this blog I will continue to share insights, articles, research, and anecdotes that can hopefully help you as you plan to expand your visibility and education around the world.