Greetings from London and planning for the next Olympics

Did you know that according to Pew Research nearly eight-in-ten Americans followed the Olympic Games in London?  They said that 73% watched the games on television with 17% watching online and the remaining 12% followed coverage on social media sites.  My 16 year old son is still mad at NBC for putting Michael Phelps at the end of the broadcast on a Saturday night. While we had a teachable moment about how television advertising works, I am sure that he followed the rest of the Olympics online. Back to why I’m in London. With the 2016 Olympics already the buzz, it makes me wonder what Beeline EMEA will look like in 4 years’ time.
  • Continued expansions throughout Western and Eastern Europe
  • Leveraging outsourced workers in the Middle East and parts of Africa
  • Continued build out of EMEA Operations
Technology moves so fast that it is hard to predict what anything will look like in 2016. It is always entertaining to look in the past to see what we thought the future would be. If you need to kill some time, I highly recommend back issues of the Radio Shack catalog. It is an archive of RadioShack catalogs from 1939 to 2005. Looking at the 2002 catalog, I enjoyed some of the cell phone buzz words “Web-Ready”, “2-Way Short Message Service”, “Changeable Faceplates” While the next waves of Olympiads have Rio 2016 circled on their calendar, what are your plans?
  • Do you know what your contingent workforce will look like in 2016?
  • Do you know how your contingent workforce fits into your corporate strategic plan?
  • Do you know what countries you will be supporting and expanding in 2016?
As the great hall of fame basketball coach, John Wooden, so aptly put, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

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