Beeline’s best-in-class VMS becomes centerpiece

Beeline VMS is peeling off its Managed Services division which will combine with Adecco Solutions to form a brand new Managed Services & Recruitment Process Outsourcing organization named Pontoon.

The new organization, Pontoon, will operate as a separate and independent entity within the Adecco Group. Beeline will focus strictly on its technology solutions and maintain the Beeline brand.  Beeline will also operate independently within the Adecco Group. Beeline is excited about this change as it allows us to fully focus on our best-in-class technology that organizations are relying on for the use of contingent and project-based labor to complement their permanent workforce. As a recognized leader in software-as-a-service Contingent Workforce Solutions, Beeline offers a streamlined and optimized way for Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations to manage their contingent and project-based workforce. Beeline’s Vendor Management System automates the process of procuring, managing and analyzing contingent and project-based labor.  

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