Beeline and Spotfire Conquer Big Data Sets

The complexity and amount of data in our world is exploding at a rapid rate. Data sets have grown in size beyond limits we could have ever imagined.

With these growing rates, many challenges are being presented for standard analytical tools and techniques which are now proving to be inadequate. Corporate decision makers recognize the ability to manage and analyze their data is crucial for spurring innovation, maintaining market share, improving processes and simply providing transparency for making informed decisions. Being that Beeline is a data-driven company, we consume massive amounts of information to help refine the product roadmap and strategic direction for many organizations. We’ve always believed the greatest value in a Vendor Management Solution (VMS) stems from the data, so that organizations can effectively address behavior in a manner that reduces costs and improves quality and performance. Did you know that Beeline was the first to augment robust native reporting with a best-in-class third party application? Insert  TIBCO’s Spotfire®, a best-in-class visualization and analytics tool which facilitates a collaborative, consultative approach to reviewing data-driven business objectives.  We began using the TIBCO Spotfire visual Workforce Analytics solution internally to analyze spend across clients. Once we saw what it could do for one aspect of our business, we rapidly applied it to others. With our business intelligence, combined with the Spotfire platform, we created the SmartView®  products for our clients. SmartView has allowed Beeline to become the first company in the marketplace with in-memory visual analytics.   This represents a substantial move from looking at the “what” to understanding the “why”. Bottom line: Don’t let massive amounts of data slow down your business decisions.

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