Preparing for a Latin and South American Expansion

I wanted to take the time to share with you some recent experiences I’ve had with our preparations into Latin and South America.

I would say over the past 6 to 12 months, Beeline has seen a heavy increase in the number of clients and prospects looking to grow their programs within the Latin America market (LATAM). This region provides exciting opportunities because of its near-shoring capabilities, growing economies, and upcoming global events including the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. Because each country is unique, with its own cultural and legislative requirements, we have found that it is most efficient to take a country by country approach when expanding within this region. Before collaborating with your VMS/MSP partners to create an expansion roadmap, you will need to answer the following questions for each country as it relates your program:
  • How many assignments (contracts) will be managed through the VMS on a yearly basis?
  • What is the total estimated yearly spend (in local currency and USD equivalent) managed through the VMS?
  • How many suppliers are in scope for this expansion?
  • How many work locations are in scope for this expansion?
  • What are the estimated additional interface requirements, if any?
  • What is the blend of Temporary Staffing, Professional Staffing, Non-Strategic Outsourcing, and Strategic Outsourcing?
  • In what other countries have you implemented a VMS?
With this information, a VMS provider is able to construct and execute a solution that most clearly aligns with your business objectives when moving into new markets, like LATAM. It’s imperative to rely heavily on the expertise of your VMS/MSP partners to effectively prioritize these Latin American expansion efforts over those in the European and Asian markets, as LATAM expansions are not always simple and straightforward. Because of these cultural business differentiators, it is even more imperative to prepare for the Software Localization, internationalization and globalization changes that will take place when working within these countries.