Industry News for the week of May 6

It’s time again for our weekly roundup, a way for us to keep clients and followers well informed about important industry information and happenings that could affect their business.

This week in the industry… Independent Contractor Enforcement: There’s More than the IRS to Fear (via Forbes) Through the years, the employee classification issue has caused problems for a number of businesses worldwide, and the issue is starting to heat up. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the US Labor Department are starting to crack down on what they call “misclassified workers.” This article discusses the need for immediate evaluation to make sure your company’s workforce is in solid standing. Natural Selection: The Growth of Professional Services, Temp Staffing (via Staffing Industry Analysts) Professional services and temp staffing are two areas that have seen significant growth in recent months and are heavily contributing to the growing economy. With businesses left to choose from different types of workers, how does an employer decide what type of flexible worker is needed for the job? This article breaks down the benefits and roles of each, helping its readers decide which type would be best for their business. UK: Permanent Placements Up, Temporary Billings Fall (via Staffing Industry Analysts) The number of people placed in perm positions in the United Kingdom has increased for a seventh consecutive month this April, with the rate of growth accelerating in recent months. However, temp billings have showed signs of decline for the first time in nine months. Temp pay growth has also eased this past month. London & the South were posting the decline in temp numbers, while the Midlands and North actually showed signs of increase. That’s it for this week. Be sure to bookmark the Beeline blog to stay informed about the industry trends and findings.

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