“Beeting the Competition” at the First Coast Games!

At Beeline, we have a very competitive spirit. Back in 2007, we participated in a local YMCA initiative called the First Coast Games and have been involved ever since.

First Coast Games is an annual, corporate challenge designed to encourage healthy lifestyle choices for participants while building friendships amongst employees outside of the office. These events and activities encourage employees to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, which in turn benefit the overall wellness of the company. In addition to promoting and encouraging company pride, morale, and camaraderie amongst employees, this friendly competition promotes networking among businesses across Florida’s First Coast. 

“As a new Beeline employee, this was my first year to participate in the First Coast Games. Three words come to mind when I think about my experience: passion, intensity and teamwork.  Everyone on the Beeline team evokes passion and dedicated work ethic. Because of our competitive spirit, we always participate with high intensity but continually work together to encourage and support each other. ALL IN is not only our motto in the office, but is an attitude that each employee uses to show a commitment to making every effort count,” says Parker Gilbert, Reporting Specialist.

Over the course of 2 months, competing organizations participate in a variety of sports including basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, softball and flag football. Each week teams show their commitment by coordinating practices after work to prepare for the games. There are also events for the employees who prefer recreational games such as kickball, whiffle ball, dodge ball, bowling and camp day activities.

“This is a great experience, a perfect opportunity to interact with colleagues that I don’t normally see on a daily basis,” says Marvin Ortiz, Operations Specialist III at Beeline. “My wife and daughter are very excited to be able to join us at the events and cheer us on!”

And the results are in…

In typical Beeline fashion, employees brought their competitive spirit to the opening ceremonies on Saturday, June 15. The Beeline team took 2nd place in both the spirit banner and sack races and brought home 1st place in the Tug-o-War competition against 27 other local companies.

“After working remotely for a year in Zurich – I couldn’t wait to get back to Jacksonville for the First Coast Games,” says Judy Bumgarner, Product Research Analyst. “This is an event that I look forward to every year.  This year it was great to see new employees come out and show their team spirit.  They proved that they fit into our competitive atmosphere and helped us defeat the competition in Tug of War.  It was also great to be with the Veterans and all come together as one united team.  First Coast Games is all about no departments, no clients, no phone calls, no stress – We stand united as Beeline!”

Win or lose, Beeline proves year after year they are always up for a challenge and some friendly competition.