Be Current: 2013 SIA Landscape Report Infographic

Understanding the landscape of the flexible workforce and the ability to respond to change is essential to program growth and success.

There are many analyst organizations within our industry whose sole purpose is keeping you abreast of those up-to-date trends and changes that could impact your flexible workforce program and then provide you with the information needed to make the best possible decisions for your organization. Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) is one of the largest and most well-known analyst organizations in the world of staffing and flexible workforce management. Through the insights of its contributors and their relationships with companies who buy and supply flexible workers, SIA is able to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. One of their most anticipated research documents is the VMS and MSP Supplier Competitive Landscape Report. This annual report highlights spend and activity through Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and Managed Services Providers (MSP) for the previous year. The information published in the report is based largely on results from a survey of VMS providers and MSPs, both multinational organizations and niche software and services suppliers. These providers are asked to submit survey responses that include a company profile, geographical footprint, customer segmentation and VMS and/or MSP offerings. At 154 pages, the 2013 VMS and MSP Supplier Competitive Landscape Report provides a detailed account of all changes over the past year. While it is important for you to remain informed and be prepared to accurately account for these changes, we also understand your time is very valuable. Until you have an opportunity to read through all of this vital information, we encourage you to leverage our high-level snapshot of the 2013 VMS/MSP Landscape Report to better understand the changes that are most important to you and your organization.

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