Advantage, You: “Deep Dive into Beeline Solutions” Webinar

As I sat on the edge of my seat watching the Wimbledon men’s finals, I found myself especially enthusiastic in the moments when the words, “advantage, Murray” were said.

Now for the non-tennis fans (or the Djorkovic fans) out there, I promise, this is where the tennis talk stops. The reason I have even mentioned it is that since then, I have been a bit fixated on that one simple word, “advantage.” During the match it was such an emotional trigger – and as I have done some recent reflecting on my own life I have found that the concept of “advantage” is a key in how I think and act. So here is a little bit about me. I am a mother first, a manager second, and a marketer third. The thread that binds all of these is my desire to make sure all the lives I touch have access to the advantages they need to be successful. I am always trying to understand those I interact with and then connect them to another person, to a class, or to a book – anything that might give them the advantage they need – even if they don’t know it yet.  …Picking up on the theme here?  Now it is your turn – yes you – I want to connect you to an upcoming webinar on July 30th that could be the advantage you are looking for.  Did you know that it has been predicted that as early as 2015 we will see the contingent or non-employee workforce grow to 50% of the total workforce? The recent 2013 SIA Landscape Report shows 21% growth in spend on the non-employee workforce through VMS technology for a total of $88.3 billion. Right now, the non-employee numbers for your organization are already on the climb. In addition to this growth, many of you are also facing intensifying directives to optimize your workforce costs, increase efficiencies, and reduce risk associated with the non-employees you manage. How will you navigate the mounting pressures of workforce optimization – from audits, regulations, suppliers, and even your business units? Having a trusted technology partner is a good start. During our upcoming Sourcing Interest Group webinar, Amy Woodham, Senior Product Manager from Beeline will share how Procurement, Sourcing, and Human Resources professionals, just like you, are finding success and combating workforce optimization pressures with Beeline VMS. Join us to learn about the unique ways Beeline VMS can help you to confidently run a successful program to manage your non-employee workforce as well as meet your goals of increased cost savings, reduced risk, and added value for your organization – giving you a true advantage. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Register now for the July 30th Sourcing Interest Group webinar, Deep Dive into Beeline Solutions, presented by Beeline. To review all the upcoming webinars in the Sourcing Interest Group weekly webinar series, please visit

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