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Industry News for the Week of July 29

Mackenzie Best
This week in the industry… First Steps in Strategic Workforce Management (via Staffing Industry Analysts) “Strategic workforce management is targeted as just one of buyers’ priorities in 2013, and with three-quarters of buyers predicting their total workforce will grow over the next two years, it is an ongoing discussion. Here’s what we advise contingent workforce program managers to do when first exploring strategic workforce management.” US Tech Market Getting Stronger: US Q2 2013 GDP Report and Data Revisions Show Weak but Improving US Economy, And Better Tech (via Forrester) The US real GDP growth in Q2 2013 came in better than expected with a 1.8% growth in consumer spending and a 6.8% growth in business investment in equipment. Housing also continues to be a growth engine – with double-digit growth rates in residential investments in the past four quarters. Best-in-Class Supplier Management, Part II (via CPO Rising) “Ardent Partners research has found that Best-in-Class organizations (those companies with a higher level of cost savings than other organizations, as well as a higher throughput of spend that is strategically-sourced) have embraced the notion of innovation within the realm of supplier management as a way to take this series of processes well into the future.” That’s it for this week. Be sure to bookmark the Beeline blog to stay informed about the industry trends and findings.  

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