Leveraging the Value of a Services Procurement Solution, a webinar

In our industry, there are a number of expert organizations that Beeline proudly partners with throughout the year. One such organization is Sourcing Interest Group (SIG).

This premier membership organization for procurement, sourcing and outsourcing executives is known for providing their members with ongoing learning and networking opportunities. Just peruse some of our past Beeline blogs and you can read first hand our experiences at some of SIG’s great events. (SIG 2012: Directly from Your Peers) One comment I heard recently from Amy Woodham, Senior Product Manager at Beeline, after attending the May Global Sourcing Summit SIG held in Amelia Island, FL was that “the SIG Summit was one of the classiest and informative events I have attended – it was jam packed with talks on the latest industry trends and challenges.”

Beeline is happy once again to get the chance to work with SIG by presenting next Tuesday as a part of their weekly webinar series. On August 13th, Beeline’s Colleen Tiner, Vice President, Product Management, will be presenting, Leveraging the Value of a Services Procurement Solution. During this hour long webinar, you can get an intimate look at some of the problems that drove Beeline clients, to pursue a solution that would more effectively manage their Services Procurement spend – increasing their visibility, compliance, efficiency, quality, and best of all helping them to better control their costs. Learn the steps they took to determine a need, gain the necessary buy-in, and manage the implementation all resulting in a fully optimized Services Procurement solution.

Our research shows that our marketplace is evolving and demanding the same visibility and control over project/SOW-based talent that organizations enjoy with contingent staffing talent. Aberdeen Group reported that 60% of companies profess that SOW-based projects and services received the most organizational attention over the past year, yet a mere 14% of companies actually have high visibility into their SOW-based spend. If this is an area you are not familiar with or that you want to learn more about, we encourage you to check out some of our previous Services Procurement posts (What is Services Procurement? and So What’s All This Talk About Services Procurement) then be sure to register for our webinar next week.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Register now for the August 13th Sourcing Interest Group webinar, Leveraging the Value of a Services Procurement Solution, presented by Beeline.

To review all the upcoming webinars in the Sourcing Interest Group weekly webinar series, please visit sig.org/webinars.

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