Workforce Industry News for the Week of September 9

It’s time again for our weekly roundup, a way for us to keep our clients and followers well informed about important workforce industry information and happenings that could affect their business.

Workforce Industry News for the week of September 9, 2013 This week in the industry… Why Everybody’s Going Freelance (Fast Company) There are currently 17 million people in the United States that self-identify as independent workers – from freelancers, to temps, to self-employed consultants. This number is actually up significantly from 2011. The Wall Street Journal is projecting that the total number of “indie workers” is going to grow to about 24 million in the next five years, and this will be seen across all demographics. Reasons why include de-commitment, self-expression and layoffs. Demographic Changes Bring Great Challenges to Thailand (The Nation) With a new era of slowing population growth and a society that is aging quickly, organizations in Thailand are facing hardship in the “war for talent,” which is projected to wage on heavily in months to come. Currently in Thailand, Generation Y stereotypes are looming over Millennials’ heads, despite the fact that they make up almost 1/3 of Thailand’s workforce. Organizations are also facing struggles – trying to attract the best and the brightest – by trying to create flexible work options. The Temporary Jobs Trend and Common Misconceptions (The Staffing Stream) The Bureau of Labor Statistics employment report has signaled growth in the economy, and news headlines are talking about job rises – mostly in the part-time and temporary work categories. However, there are misconceptions out there. Although part-time work has mostly been in the hospitality sector, much temporary work has taken hold in the technology and finance and accounting industries. The misconception is actually in the details – just because a job is labeled “temporary” does not mean that it should be considered part-time work. Spot the differences in this article. That’s it for this week. Be sure to bookmark the Beeline blog to stay informed about the industry trends and findings. Have a great weekend!

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