Beeline’s 2013 Conference was a Great Success!

But we don’t need to surrender inspiration to bad posters and sappy sentiment. Real inspiration comes in many forms and is often carried on the waves of innovation, courage and willingness.


Operation: Be Inspired

Let’s be honest, the term inspiration has an ever-growing syrupy connotation with associations including:

  • Deep quotes overlaying majestic landscapes
  • Olympic montages
  • The Chariots of Fire theme song
  • Commencement addresses
  • Head coaches’ fiery halftime speeches

There are several stories being told over these two days at the 2013 Beeline Conference from some of the most celebrated minds in the VMS industry, but we wanted to reach even further than that.  We wanted to find people that have the types of big, important stories that transcend our industry—the types of stories that make inspiration contagious and get you feeling like your head will explode if you don’t share them with others. We found them. 

Technology Expo

2013 Beeline Conference Powerful Technology, Trusted Solutions

Following the Beeline Advisory Council hosted breakfast, things kicked off properly with the Technology Expo (Tech Expo if you’re into the brevity thing), a great event that has only proven to grow more exciting.  This is the one time a year that we allow our brilliant product managers and developers out to chat with the folks and give attendees an up-close look at Beeline’s solutions.

Doug Leeby

Doug is not your run-of-the-mill company president. He yells to join the conversation from his office and is typically the first to crack a joke in just about any setting. He conducts the new employee orientation sessions.  He is even a little unpredictable whenever he takes the stage. Doug set a lively tone for everything to follow, stating the goals of the conference and providing listeners with the “big ass bucket” takeaway.

Christopher Minnick

Christopher Minnick is one of the leading voices in the VMS industry and followed Doug in the morning general session to discuss contingent workforce program maturity. He provided the five steps to workforce dexterity, laying out the type of future-facing framework that helps clients grow their program seamlessly and successfully—I hope they took comprehensive notes.

Derreck Kayongo – Founder, Global Soap Project

Goose bumps.  If you’re not careful and miss the bigger message, Derreck will make you wonder what the heck you did with your life. Some people are truly courageous, tenacious, fearless—Derreck is one of them and his story is unbelievable, his heart is huge and his work is changing lives.

Robert X. Fogarty – Founder, Dear World

It started as a love note to New Orleans. Robert found a way to help people share their story in a simple and succinct, but powerful way. He not only brought his story to the conference, but Dear World is there to take pictures of attendees wanting to share their story. Robert’s work reminds us that words are powerful, but combining words and pictures can be life changing.

And all of this was just the first day. On Wednesday, we experienced the Tech Expo again, heard from several dynamic speakers including: Beeline’s talented COO, Autumn Vaupel, forward-thinking Mikael Ahlstrom of Hyper Island and best-selling author Dan Heath. Then, our in-house wizard, Kevin Ference, opened the curtain for the Hack-a-thon Reveal. Don’t be upset if you had to miss the conference, and the inspiration, but don’t even think about getting my sympathy if you miss Beeline’s 2014 Conference planned for June.

We would love to hear from you if you were there in the comments below… and if you feel we missed anything in our list of cliché inspiration, be sure to let us know. Be sure to check our post conference site to watch featured presentations and view the content presented in the breakout sessions.

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