What Really Happens at a Beeline Halloween?

Often, I am asked ‘What it is like to work at Beeline?’ and though there are many examples I can give that illustrate my answer, Halloween is always my favorite.

“Work hard, play hard” is one cultural mantra of the Beeline family and no other day brings out the playfulness in our offices quite like Halloween. We approach this annual holiday as a team building event, a way to blow off some steam, and as an opportunity to crush our fellow Beeline competitors with copious amounts of creativity! As a six year veteran, I know that I come to this event each year with a high level of expectations and each year, they are met and exceeded-the bar just keeps getting higher and higher. In putting together this blog, I wanted to take a step back and I asked myself, what must it look and feel like to someone who is participating for the first time? What would you think if you walked into any of our Beeline offices around the world on this very day? In this post, I have invited one of our interns, Taylor Tiner, to be a guest blogger. This Halloween was Taylor’s first at Beeline and here is what she had to say… 

A Very Beeline Halloween

Hi, my name is Taylor Tiner and I am a 22 year old college student interning at Beeline. I started working at Beeline in August of this year and immediately heard lots of stories about Halloween at Beeline. From Mario Kart racing to Ocean’s Eleven, Angry birds and Madmen, the pictures and the winner’s plaques in the lobby said it all. This company not only gets positively competitive but every department does something memorable.

Halloween happens to be one of my favorite holidays of the year! You can imagine how I excited I felt once I realized that I could participate and bring something to the table that everyone would love. For my first Halloween at Beeline I coordinated 60+ Development and Product Management people into a full on Zombie Prom! While prepping for all the Halloween endeavors (organizing decorations, making sure our DJ had the right music and getting everyone in sync on events to take place), my mind was all about Zombie Prom. When discussing Halloween in the office, hushed voices were a must. Every team had their own plan, and they were all surprises! The excitement over this holiday was very apparent.

The night before Halloween was when it really kicked into high gear. Every team was staying late to put up decorations, and boy did we decorate! Tents over the receptionist’s desk, fake ducks and deer in the lobby for Duck Dynasty’s authentic theme; mushroom houses cropped up on one side of the office to create a Smurf village. There was a movie theater and a Starbucks, even a Miss Beeline USA pageant stage and backstage. I was glad that I did not hold back on my decorations for Zombie Prom- with lockers on the walls, and lights synced to the music- we were as equally decorated as everyone else. The costumes were on a level that was unexpected but wonderful -men were women and women were men- zombies and nerds roamed the hallways-and our beauty queens had their beauty pageant wave down to perfection.

A Very Beeline Halloween

Halloween is not something I will easily forget here at Beeline. The day was jam packed with interactive events from every team. Smiles were shared, laughs were exchanged, spirits were high, and food was abundant. All round- I hope I am here next year to do it all over again as it was a great team-building experience!

In closing, I want to share my biggest lesson from my first Halloween at Beeline – it is a lesson about effort. What may seem to many like a lot of effort for a single day is just “standard Beeline.” In the short time I have been here, this is the same effort that I have seen the Beeline people put into everything they do be it the recent Beeline conference, our Win4Youth activities, or the work we do for our clients everyday!

Thank you, Taylor. And thank you to the leadership at Beeline for making such a day part of “business as usual.” Culture is not something that merely gets lip service-we really are a family that has fun and embraces a team-building environment. To view our Halloween festivities in all their glory, visit our Facebook page photo album. How does your organization celebrate its culture on Halloween or other holidays? We would love to hear what other great places to work are doing. Share your story with us in the comments below!

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