Being a Win4Youth Ambassador: A Once In a Lifetime Experience!

Beeline and their employees have proudly supported Adecco’s Win4Youth project since its inception in 2010. Win4Youth is a global sports initiative organized by Adecco to raise money for youth foundations across the world.

All Adecco employees from across the world get together in teams of 3 or more to run, bike or swim together, depending on the athletic challenge for the year, and Adecco donates money to charities across the world based on the total number of kilometers completed as a team. Employees can invite Clients to join them and their Kilometers will also count toward our Win4Youth totals. In 2012 alone Adecco saw:
  • 1,109,122 Kilometers were run, swam or cycled
  • $360,000.00 earned for foundations in Belgium, China, Morocco and New Zealand
  • 10,000+ individual events completed
  • 60 Countries participated
  • 33,030 Colleagues participated
  • 10,617 Clients participated
This does not include additional individual Country or Adecco business unit challenges. Many Adecco business units and Countries matched or donated additional money to their local charities, making the overall impact to youth organizations across the world almost innumerable. Now that you know more about Win4Youth and its positive impact on youth, let’s talk about the Win4Youth Ambassadors. Every year Adecco organizes a group of Win4Youth Ambassadors to train and complete one major event together as a team. This group includes employees from all levels within the organization, in locations all over the world, from different Adecco Business Units, all ages and races, many with little if any formal training or athletic experience. These Ambassadors apply to be considered for the team, which includes writing a personal statement of motivation. From the hundreds if not thousands of applications, a team of 70+ Ambassadors is chosen to train and represent Adecco and Win4Youth at a major event. In 2013, the event was the 31st Athens Classic Marathon in Athens, Greece on November 10th.

Participating in the 31st Athens Classic Marathon

Athens, GreeceI am honored to say I was part of Adecco’s 2013 Win4Youth Ambassadors, and I successfully completed my very first marathon in Athens, Greece, on the original marathon course. It’s really cool to be able to say that. It was, however, the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I have new respect for anyone that’s ever run a marathon. The pain many marathoners experience, that starts for some at mile 1, 10, 16, or for me mile 21, and stays with you all the way through the finish line, at 26.2 miles, is hard to describe. I was positive my legs had stopped working, and my brain was no longer able to communicate with them. I walked for a while and ran for a minute or two where I could. I was happy to see my local Beeline & Win4Youth colleague, Meredith Johnson, around mile 25, and if it wasn’t for her, I would not have finished as strong as I did, at 4:49:38. I am so grateful for the Win4Youth project and the Win4Youth Ambassador experience. I learned a lot about me and what I’m physically capable of doing, made some amazing new friends, had my first trip to Europe, trained for & ran my very first marathon, and logged more than 1,000 Kilometers to date for Win4Youth! When I think of all of this, I can sit, smile, and revel in these accomplishments with my husband, Scott, our beautiful little girls, Katelyn & Addison, and my family, friends and colleagues that did so much to support me & the other Win4Youth Ambassadors along the way.

The future of Win4Youth

But alas, 2013 has not yet come to an end, and I know Win4Youth still needs our support. In Athens Adecco Group CEO Patrick De Maeseneire announced a new goal for 2013. We have already achieved over 500,000 kilometers, so the new goal is 600,000 kilometers. It won’t be easy, but together with my Beeline and Adecco colleagues, and our beloved Clients and Partners, I know we’ll surpass this new milestone. We have to, because 4 wonderful organizations and the youth they serve locally are counting on our support: Together, we’re having a positive impact on young lives across the world!

The Win4Youth 2013 Marathoners!

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