Beeline Colleagues Giving Back: Part 1

In my last blog, I talked about the many ways that Beeline supports philanthropy and contributes to the community. I was inspired by the overwhelming generosity of our organization, but then something occurred to me; several Beeline colleagues participate in other charitable organizations all on their own.

I already knew a few of these kind souls, but also knew that there had to be more, so I made it my mission to find out who they were and what they did. I was amazed to learn how many of our Beeline colleagues spend their time giving so much. In fact, because so many Beeline colleagues give back to the community, I am dedicating two separate posts to their contributions. This first post illuminates the tremendous efforts of Beeline colleagues who live outside of the Jacksonville headquarters. Here are few stories of dedication that really resonated with me.

Susan Robbins

I’m going to start in the Chicago area, we will find Susan Robbins. Susan and her 17-year-old son Joe volunteer a couple of Saturdays a month at the Field of Dreams Horse Rescue in Batavia, Illinois. Susan and Joe bring the horses in from the pasture, feed them, groom them, and muck their stalls. They also take care of a pony and a donkey that are living at the rescue facility. Sadly, these animals were once neglected and abused and needed some love, attention, and socialization. Even with Susan’s small 5’2” frame, she still manages to brush TJ, a tall thoroughbred. She just has to stand on her toes. Susan and Joe have volunteered at various places over the past year, but have found this to be the most meaningful. Reflecting on his volunteer experience, Joe said, “I feel like I’m doing something real.” If you are interested in reading more about where Susan and Joe volunteer, check out the Field of Dreams website.

Bob Fratini

We have another superstar volunteer located in the Chicago area. Bob Fratini has been volunteering at the Edward Hospital emergency room two Saturdays a month for the past 19 years. He helps the nurses with “crowd control” and helps the patients get as comfortable as possible as they wait their turn to be seen. In Bob’s own words, “Volunteering in the ER is close to my heart because my mom, aunt, wife, and sister-in-law were/are all RNs, and this is something I can do as a “civilian” to help patients. I could be doing other things with my Saturday nights, but almost every week there’s at least one moment where I can feel that I was able to make someone’s crisis moments in the ER just a little bit less stressful.” In 19 years, there is no doubt that Bob has impacted many people in ways that he may never know.

Alexa Kornau

If we head over to our London office, we will find Alexa Kornau, who has for the past two years cycled from London to Brighton to raise money and awareness for the British Heart Foundation. Due to a close friend’s recent diagnosis with cancer, Alexa’s heart is now dedicated to a different charity. Alexa will soon support MacMillan Cancer Support and Hospice of St. Francis in honor of this close friend. In addition, Alexa will be cycling from London to Paris this May in an effort to raise money for Cancer Research UK. The 265 km of cycling will also benefit Win 4 Youth. Visit her fundraising site to read more about her efforts. As a company, Beeline does a lot to give back to the community, but it was truly inspirational to learn how Beeline colleagues participate in philanthropy outside of the company walls, too. These are just a few examples of how Beeline colleagues across the globe are giving back. My next post will highlight some of the extraordinarily big hearts found within our Jacksonville office colleagues. One thing is for sure — regardless of location, Beeline colleagues are opening up their hearts in a big way.

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