Beeline’s New Data Center & Other Workforce Industry News March 10-14

Happy Monday, everyone! As usual, Beeline is here with our weekly roundup to keep you informed about what’s happening in the workforce industry. What are the top stories this week? Read on to find out!

Workforce Industry News for the week of February 24, 2014 This week… 10 Trends Reshaping the Future of HR (via HC Online) The future of the workplace is growing and changing each day, and in five years, we may handle our business much differently than we do today. How will we know what the future holds for HR departments? This article notes 10 business trends that will reshape HR – from the rise of the extended workforce to reconfiguring the Global Talent Landscape. Beeline Increases Investment with Global Infrastructure in Europe (via Beeline) Beeline announced this week that we will be opening a brand new data center in Switzerland. The state-of-the-art center was built to support the growing security and confidentiality requirements in Europe. As a global leader in global flexible workforce solutions, Beeline made this decision to better the security of our international clients, as much of our growth comes internationally. To cater to these regulations and requirements is to continue to provide the white glove service that makes Beeline the best in class. Welcome to the New “State” of Contingent Workforce Management, Part V: Best-in-Class Programs (via CPO Rising) In his latest installment on the State of Contingent Workforce Management, Chris Dwyer discusses Best-in-Class programs. He discusses what best-in-class contingent workforce management programs rely on to balance across multiple areas in CWM. These include identity management, business intelligence and analytics, and independent contractor engagement and management. That’s a rap for this week. Be sure to bookmark the Beeline blog to stay informed about the industry trends and findings. We hope everyone has a great weekend!

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