Is Attending IQNsiders Really Worth It?

In fact, last week Brian Hoffmeyer blogged about how the excitement of the changing seasons (i.e. Spring) is analogous to the excitement and change taking place at IQNavigator. He’s not exaggerating. I’ve been to three IQNsiders. Each event has had value, with attendees often telling me how much they value spending quality, meaningful time with their peers in the industry. It’s more than just networking, at IQNsiders you have top flight procurement and HR leaders from world-leading companies openly sharing and comparing best practices, successes and vision. The value of conversations like that cannot be overestimated. The theme for IQNsiders this year is Innovate. Elevate. Transform. You might think that’s just marketing speak, and hey, I’m in Marketing, so I get it – sometimes a clever turn of phrase is just a clever turn of phrase. However, I think this theme has substantial significance at its root. Here at IQN we’ve been focusing on technical innovations designed to elevate the success of our customers and partners, leading to what we believe will be a transformation of the services procurement ecosystem. We have a new (highly visionary and successful) CEO who is focused on execution, and we mean business. Evidence? IQN made its first acquisition earlier this year (Procurestaff), brought on a new heavy-hitting chief technology officer and released the industry’s first iPad app. For most companies that would be a lot in one year. But it’s only March and I can tell you that we’re just getting started. If you haven’t signed up for IQNsiders this year, you still can. IQNsiders is on track for 4x more attendees this year than ever before and has a dramatically expanded agenda. IQNsiders has always been valuable for attendees, but its impact and value this year will be multiplied, I guarantee it. Momentum is a powerful thing, don’t miss out: Join us at IQNsiders and Innovate, Elevate and Transform with IQNavigator.

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