The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2014: Infographic

In November of 2013, Ardent Partners published our latest report, The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2014: A Framework for Success.

The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2014

This independent research showcases an in-depth look into the current “state” of contingent workforce management (CWM) by drawing specifically on the experiences, performance, and perspective of nearly 200 executives in the contingent workforce industry (including procurement, human resources, finance, etc.). In order to generate this report, we followed a rigorous research process that has been developed over years spent researching the supply management market. The research in this report represents the web-based survey responses of nearly 200 business leaders as well as direct 30-60 minute interviews with more than 20 finance, procurement, operations and HR professionals (all of whom took the survey). These participants shared their strategies and intentions, as well as their operational and performance results to help us define Best-in-Class contingent workforce management performance and understand the strategies and capabilities the leading groups leverage to obtain their advantage. Respondents also shared the way that contingent workforce performance is measured within their enterprise. The research in this report is drawn from respondents of the following demographics:
  • Job Function: 51% procurement; 26% HR; 9% IT; 7% supply chain; 5% operations; 3% finance; 6% other
  • Job Role: 22% VP-level and above; 30% director-level; 40% manager-level; 8% other
  • Company Revenue: 61% Large (revenue > $1 billion); 14% Mid-market (revenue between $250 million and $1 billion); 26% Small (revenue < $250 million)
  • Region: 72% North America; 16% EMEA; 10% Asia-Pacific; 1% South America
  • Industry: Nineteen distinct industries are represented. High-Tech represented the largest industry (19%). Health Care, Public Sector, Education, Financial Services, IT Services, and Manufacturing are the other largest industries in the survey pool.
Ardent Partners is a Boston-based research and advisory firm focused on defining and advancing the supply management strategies, processes, and technologies that drive business value and accelerate organizational transformation within the enterprise. This 31-page report provides a detailed look into the state of Contingent Workforce Management, and while it is important to remain informed we understand you may not have time to read the full report in one sitting. In the meantime, view Beeline’s infographic below of the top takeaways from the report and download your full copy of the report here. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have at @CJD_Ardent on Twitter or at Thanks, Christopher Research Director, Ardent Partners

Ardent Partners State of the Contingent Workforce Management Inforgraphic

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