California Temp Worker Protection Bill & Other Workforce News for 3/31-4/4

We’re here again – the end of another great week in the workforce industry. Which stories were making headlines this week? Our weekly roundup always has the answer! We’re here each week to inform you of the latest highlights in our industry.

Workforce Industry News for the week of March 31, 2014 This week… Workplace Survey Says 87 Percent of Employees Not Actively Engaged in Their Jobs (via Forbes) According to Gallup’s recent “State of the Global Workplace” report, only 13 percent of employees said they are actively engaged in their work, are truly finding satisfaction in their work, and strive to create value for the company. This means that disengaged employees are outnumbering the engaged by a level of two to one. Companies with engaged employees actually see 240 percent improvement in their business results, so creating an engaging workplace is vital to today’s business. California Considers Bill to Protect Temp Workers (via ProPublica) California could become one of the first states in the Untied States to – by law – hold companies responsible for wage and safety violations by subcontractors and temp agencies. This California Temp Worker bill was proposed Friday, April 4th and tackles longstanding complaints from labor leaders about companies that can often pass the buck of responsibility to agencies and small firms hired to recruit this talent. Temp workers face high rates of wage violations and workplace injuries, but it’s rare to see recourse against the brands whose products they pack and ship. This law, if passed, may drastically change that. Hiring Steady, but has Yet to Turn the Corner (via CBS News Money Watch) According to today’s economic release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the labor market and job growth seem to be stabilizing. There were 192,000 jobs added in the month of March, and the national unemployment rate remained at 6.7 percent, as more people sought work in the market. More than half of the 57,000 jobs that were created in professional and business services were for temporary positions. That’s all folks! Bookmark the Beeline blog to stay informed about the latest industry trends and findings. Have a great weekend!

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