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Cycling from London to Paris & Raising Money for Cancer Research

Mackenzie Best
There is something you should know about me — I REALLY like cycling. But that’s not all.

Cycling Day & Night for the British Heart Foundation

In addition to registering for the race, I thought, “I’m already cycling with the British Heart Foundation, so why not raise some money for this organization that does such wonderful things?” It just felt like common sense to me. Here’s the thing about having a heart condition: usually, nobody ever expects it to happen, but then all of a sudden, there it is. This leaves many people wondering, “Now what do I do?” As it turns out, anybody can do something about it! Between cycling and fundraising efforts, I was able to raise quite a bit of money, and it felt really great knowing that I may have made a difference in someone else’s life. So, I did the ride again, but the second time, I did the Day Ride. It was lovely, but I still wanted to do more. Yes, more cycling, but I really wanted to do more for a good charity. In addition to heart disease, I also know many people that have experienced cancer one way or another. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or just someone you know, cancer can really have an impact. On May 2, I will be cycling from London to Paris to raise money for Cancer Research UK. It’s a global initiative, which really resonates with me as a Beeline employee. After all, we are encouraged to think and act globally, and participating in this event will help in one way or another. Cycling is great fun and a good way to get from ‘A’ to ‘B,’ but it’s also evidence that we can all make a difference by participating in something we enjoy doing.

Cycling for Today’s Youth

I will be cycling with Beeline colleague Juan Jose Dominguez and my cousin Michael. To train, Juan and I both cycle to work and we cycle after work as well (and Juan is on a rowing team, so really, I’m no match for him!) For further training, I have organized a cycling trip on April 19 from London to Suffolk, which is approximately 126 kilometers. We will also be logging the miles for Win4Youth, a global sports initiative organized by Adecco Group. Participating in Win4Youth events helps to raise money for youth foundations across the globe. In addition, we are hoping to make a sightseeing video to give people a little “tour” of London, which will be fun for those who are interested in following along with our efforts. It may even encourage people to participate! Our ride in May will take three (possibly four) days. If you’re interested in donating to help us raise money for the event, please visit our JustGiving fundraising page.

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