Healthcare for Temporary Workers & Other Workforce Industry News for the Week of April 21

It’s that time again – weekly roundup time. We’re bringing you the workforce news that made the headlines for the week of April 21-25.

Healthcare for Temporary Workers & Other Workforce Industry News with Beeline   This week in the workforce industry… New Website Links Nation’s Veterans to Employers (via USA Today) This past Wednesday, First Lady Michelle Obama announced a new tool to help United States military veterans connect with potential employers. Companies like Capital One Bank, UPS and Xerox have pledged to hire thousands of veterans and their spouses, and many other companies are following suit. Why I tell My Employees to Bring Their Kids to Work (via Harvard Business Review) A happy employee is a productive employee. This high-tech company’s CEO encourages parents to bring kids into work when needed, or go home to spend time with their children during normal work hours. She has faith that although she may not have the fancy startup perks like barber shops and game rooms, she believes that her people benefit and appreciate this work/life balance better than perks that keep employees in the office. She believes in a culture that respects people as human beings who want more than just work, which is where she prides herself on success. Temps’ Healthcare Insurance Sources (via Staffing Industry Analysts) In Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2014 Temporary Worker Survey, U.S. temporary agency workers were asked if they receive health insurance, how they receive said insurance, and if they don’t receive it, if they’ve applied to the healthcare exchanges. The results show that nearly half of temp workers in professional roles receive healthcare coverage directly from staffing firms. Less than a quarter of temp workers in commercial roles receive healthcare coverage from agencies. In both professional and commercial, most of those with no insurance do not plan on applying to any healthcare exchanges. That’s it for this week. Be sure to bookmark the Beeline blog to stay informed about the industry trends and findings. We hope everyone has a great weekend!

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