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Product Roadmap Transparency

Wayne Moles
In my role I work closely with our head of Product Marketing, Brian Hoffmeyer, to define our product roadmap; and report to our CTO, Sherri Hammons, so we can execute against our roadmap. My first goal is to drive customer and partner collaboration and transparency around our roadmap. Wikipedia defines the behavior of transparency by saying, “Transparency…implies openness, communication, and accountability.” An amazing product strategy is nothing without execution; and execution is dependent on being open, collaborative and accountable with our current and future customers and partners. To this end, I think we have made significant strides over the past several months (but we are just getting started). Some highlights:
  1. We have published our Product Roadmap for customer, partners, and prospects to see.
  2. We conducted great product workshops at IQNsiders North America hosted in the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.
  3. Our product team has meet with over 30 customers this past quarter to collaborate, gather insights and prioritize features.
  4. We have conducted our first Product Workshop with EMEA customers and partners.
We will also announce our latest offerings in press releases, including our latest announcement, “IQNavigator Delivers Increased VMS Data Awareness.” Product differentiation means a company provides unique value to its customer and partners, distinguishing itself from other products or services. We can’t provide differentiation without collaboration and transparency with our customers and partners. Our customers need insight into our product roadmap, and we need to understand our customer’s problems, as well as what their business values. In future blogs posts I’ll focus on customer and market trends that will influence our product strategy and roadmap. I’ll also provide insight into our product strategy and processes, and highlight examples of how we have executed against our roadmap to drive customer value. I would also love any feedback on what you would like to hear about in future posts, so please post a comment or contact me here.

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