The New State of Contingent Workforce Management

The contemporary spectrum of the non-traditional workforce is consistently shifting and evolving. Modern enterprises must build and develop contingent workforce management (CWM) programs that can address a variety of attributes that differ greatly from this category’s historical processes.

Ardent PartnersArdent Partners is set to publish the second edition of its annual State of Contingent Workforce Management research report, and we’re asking for your participation in a 12-minute online survey that will help influence and shape the research findings for this critical new CWM study.

The upcoming State of Contingent Workforce Management report

The upcoming State of CWM report is set to publish in October, will address a range of hot-button items in this industry, including:
  • The evolving role of Vendor Management System (VMS) technology in addressing classic and fresh aspects of CWM programs, from supplier management to SOW management.
  • The notion of the “perfect storm,” a concept that applies to the rise in utilization of contract talent, freelance talent and independent contractors, and their benefits to the average enterprise.
  • The concept of total talent management (TTM), which entails the centralized management of both traditional and non-traditional workers utilizing both CWM-specific solutions (i.e., VMS, MSP, etc.) and human capital management platforms (such as RPO) in an integrated manner. In last year’s State of Contingent Workforce Management study, total talent management was the number one aspect expected to be a part of the CWM industry’s future.
  • Further discussions of Ardent’s landmark Contingent Workforce Management Framework. The Framework educates companies across the globe on the best capabilities, competencies, and strategies to build into their contingent workforce management programs.

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