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Introducing TalentIQN

Wayne Moles
I also bet that you understand that, if you’re in a position responsible for ensuring that your organization gets “the right butts in the right seats at the right time, cost, and quality,” the War for Talent means that you need to employ a wide variety of techniques to achieve success and win the war. A vendor management system (VMS) like IQNavigator’s can help you engage the right temporary workforce by providing automation, controls, and cost savings. Related to that, my colleague Louay Bachir (the newest member of IQNavigator’s Product Marketing team) is authoring a blog series that provides more details on the things a VMS can help you achieve – sort of VMS 101 if you will. Here at IQNavigator, we’re always looking for ways to help our clients achieve even more success in their non-employee labor programs and believe that our latest release, IQNavigator 12.2, does just that with the introduction of TalentIQN! Side note: I wish we were as hip as Google and Apple with their fancy release names. IQN Bacon Double Cheeseburger anyone? TalentIQN is the first step in a journey that will eventually allow you to use IQNavigator to manage any kind of non-employee talent pool (alumni, referred workers, interns, social-media referred workers, etc.). It provides a quick and easy way for hiring managers to search for and find contingent workers who have done a good job for your organization in the past and then re-engage them so as to leverage the company-specific intellectual property, skills, and cultural knowledge that those workers have. TalentIQN provides a variety of tools to guide managers in their searches including the ability to specify a variety of parameters to filter the results, advanced text searching capabilities that search into lengthy job descriptions for specific words and characteristics, and an easy way to reach out to the hiring manager of any resource that the search returns to check in on the resource’s past or current performance. TalentIQN can also make it easier to fill requisitions with hard-to-find skill sets and may lower time-to-fill. For more on TalentIQN (including the easy steps to configure it in IQNavigator), please reach out to your Customer Success Executive or contact us by clicking here. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned as we continue to share next steps in the journey that will help you win the tactical and strategic battles in the War for Talent!

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