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December 2014 Closes Great Year for US Temporary Job Growth

Wayne Moles
It looks like 2014 was an excellent year for job growth; in fact, it was the best year on record since 1999, according to Bloomberg. December proved to be no exception to the rule, closing out the year with a strong finish. According to a recent report from , the United States added 252,000 nonfarm payroll jobs in December. As a result of the great month of job growth, the unemployment rate fell to 5.6 percent, which is a 0.2 percent drop from November’s rate. Not only did full-time employment see great gains, but even temporary job growth stayed strong – both in December and during 2014 as a whole. About 3 million more Americans found work in 2014, the most in 15 years, which is a great sign that many companies in the United States are feeling more optimistic about the current state of the economy.

Temporary Job Growth Slows, But Still Remains Strong

Though the year-over-year growth rate in temporary jobs slowed to 7.81 percent in December – a 0.71 percent drop from November – there were still a significant number of temporary jobs added to the U.S. workforce. As a whole, the United States added 14,700 temporary workers in December 2014. According to the report, there are now 2.99 million employed in temporary help services, a sub-sector of professional & business services.

Temporary Penetration Rate at an All-Time High

The temporary penetration rate reached a new high of 2.13 percent, according to an article from Staffing Industry Analysts, despite the fact that there has been a slight downward trend in year-over-year growth for the past two months. That’s the scoop for this month’s Temporary Workforce Report. We’ll be back at the beginning of February for an update on January’s numbers. If 2014 is any indication of things to come, we hope that January continues this positive trend and kicks off 2015 with another optimistic year for the U.S. economy!

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