The Value of Beeline’s Creative Culture

If you’re an avid reader of the Beeline blog, then you know that Beeline takes pride in documenting its creative culture. A recent blog post highlights how Beeline colleagues participate in the annual First Coast Games competition, how our group of accomplished Polynesian dancers support the Hope Haven Children’s Clinic and Family Center, and how Beeline colleagues celebrate Halloween. You may have read about Beeline hackathons, in which computer programmers and software developers collaborate intensively on projects to provide technology solutions for clients. We have established that Beeline has a creative culture with many creative individuals on staff. That’s great, but why is that important? What is the value in having a creative company culture? While researching the value of encouraging a creative culture at Beeline, three common themes became apparent.

Creative Culture Produces Innovative Products and Services

The first benefit of having a creative culture might be the most obvious: a creative culture yields superior products and unique service solutions for our clients. Daniel Sudhindaran Beeline EmployeeWhen asked why creative culture is important at Beeline, Senior Software Engineer Daniel Sudhindaran says, “Creativity is important at Beeline because that is what helps us keep our software new, original and fresh.  A culture that promotes such creativity is vital to keep the creative juices flowing.” Hackathons are one of Sudhindaran’s favorite things about working at Beeline, which is evident if you ever get to see his teams’ presentations.  He says, “There are no rules or restrictions that will curb any creativity during hackathons.” This is significant because Beeline VMS integrates some of these hackathon creations into the application. Training and Development Coordinator Bles Fuata’s response to the question focused on client service benefits.  She says, “To be creative helps improve productivity and efficiency when solving business problems or obstacles that our clients present to us.”

Creative Culture Leads to Employee Satisfaction

Working in a creative culture also makes employees happy. Dante Amodeo, a Beeline Implementation Manager and accomplished writer, says, “By embracing everything a person is and has, you make happier workers.”  He continued that happy workers “will gladly work toward ways to use those gifts for a company that values them as people.” Jen Bradshaw Beeline EmployeeProduct Manager Jennifer Bradshaw succinctly reiterated this point by saying, “Happy workers are productive workers!” She says, “Employees are much happier when they don’t have to stay within the confines of a rigid box, are allowed to choose their own methods, and collaborate as a team. Ultimately, everyone takes more pride and ownership in the solutions, and therefore, better solutions are developed.”

Creative Culture Increases Collaboration

Finally, Beeline’s creative culture increases collaboration between teams. Engagement Manager and moonlight musician Chip Bennett indicated sharing creativity at work builds trust between colleagues.   Bennett says, “We work in a professionally nurturing environment that empowers us to be creative. Our culture fosters our creativity, which is what sets us apart in the marketplace.” Bles Fuata Beeline EmployeeBles Fuata added to her earlier comments saying, “Creativity might be the action of combining previously uncombined elements.” As Beeline grows and forms new teams and organizations, Fuata says it is essential to “understand how the many roles within Beeline are connected.” She added that working within a creative culture means, “our teams are more engaged and want to learn.”

What Does Beeline’s Creative Culture Mean for the Future?

Beeline cultivates its creative culture by tapping our employees’ thirst for creativity and innovation to solve complex problems. Our colleagues think big and find creative ways to work better and smarter every day. When our colleagues think creatively and push the boundaries of what is possible, it is easy to see how Beeline’s creative culture provides much benefit to the company. It will be exciting to see how Beeline’s creative culture affects our future growth and opportunity!

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