59% of IT Employers Adding Contract Staff in 2015

Happy Friday and welcome back, readers! It’s been a busy week in the contingent workforce space – especially for Information Technology. A CareerBuilder survey released this week revealed hiring plans for more than half of IT employers include the addition of temporary and contingent workers… However, that’s not all that happened in the world of workforce news this week. Without further ado, here’s this week’s workforce news roundup!

Plan to Grow Your Contingent Workforce? Understand its Components First. (via Staffing Industry Analysts) According to the U.S. Staffing Industry Forecast, temporary staffing in the U.S. is expected to grow six percent in 2015. Roughly 18 percent of the workforce was contingent in 2014 and this number is projected to hit 20 percent by 2016. Not only is proper classification of these workers important, but also the strategy for growth and accounting for the new generation of workers is really going to determine the success of an organization’s contingent workforce. Loss of Snow Days May Create the Next Generation of Remote Workers (via Entrepreneur) The idea of remote working, though not a new concept, is becoming more popular thanks to force from extreme weather conditions this winter. Organizations should appreciate the idea of flexibility in the workplace, as it has many benefits. Employers can save upwards of $11,000 per employee annually if that person works out of the office half the time. This is due to reduction in utility costs and other operational expenses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics even showed that employees working outside of the office usually end up working beyond 40 hours per week, increasing their productivity. By accepting a more flexible working style, companies may attract more talent, as many in Generation Y are attracted to less restrictive employers. Report Finds 59% of IT Employers to Add Temp/Contract Workers (via Staffing Industry Analysts) According to  Harris Interactive and CareerBuilder’s new IT forecast, 59 percent of IT employers will add temporary or contract workers to their staff this year; however, these same employers may run into some challenges when seeking this qualified talent. Sixty-two percent of IT employers report having a significant gap between the skills required of their open positions and the skills that job candidates actually have. Roughly 48 percent of these companies report having open positions with no qualified candidates to fill them. There were 145 hiring managers and human resource professionals surveyed. All were from the IT industry and were surveyed between November 4 and December 2, 2014. Those are the top workforce headlines for this week, but check back next Friday for next week’s edition of our weekly roundup right here on the Beeline blog. We hope you all have a great weekend!

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