Domestic vs. International Contingent Labor Strategies & Other Workforce News

Good afternoon and happy Friday to all of our readers out there! It’s time for this week’s edition of the Beeline Weekly Roundup. Today’s news headlines include an article featuring our VP of Global Strategy, Michael Magevney, discussing international contingent labor approaches and how they differ from domestic strategy. Here are the top stories in the workforce this week…


Big Differences, Same Benefits (via HRO Today) Beeline’s VP of Global Strategy, Michael Magevney, discusses important differences in approaching contingent labor on a domestic level versus an international level. Organizations that are planning to expand their contingent workforce programs internationally should take variances in the maturity of markets, labor laws, tax laws, and data privacy regulations into consideration. A VMS can offer platforms and dashboards to automate global workflow processes and can assist in better managing international suppliers and workers through detailed data analytics. How an Outsourcing Contract Can Boost IT Service Provider Performance (via CIO) IT outsourcing clients and customers look to their service providers to improve efficiency while cutting costs. Providers are also responsible for delivering successful business results, despite this being a growing challenge for many in the IT space. To better business and build more value, IT buyers can create incentives to provide innovation, security, mobility, cloud use, and analytics to customers. Service providers can add more value to the business by providing stronger general terms in contracts and creating service levels that drive suppliers to meet service expectations.” Report Says 59% of IT Employers to Add Temps/Contract Workers (via Staffing Industry Analysts) In a recent report released by CareerBuilder, more than half (59 percent) of IT employers plan to add temporary or contract workers to their staff this year. In addition, 54 percent also plan to add full-time employees. The only challenge IT employers are facing at the moment is finding skilled professionals for the job. Sixty-two percent of the IT employers surveyed reported a significant skills gap in candidates applying for these opportunities. Though many employers are looking at different tactics to decrease this gap, only 50 percent reported offering employees some financial assistance to go back to school to earn more advanced degrees. Those are the stories making top headlines this week. Tune in to the Beeline blog next Friday for next week’s top contingent workforce news. Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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