Talent Shortages Stumping Hiring Managers | Weekly Workforce News

Welcome back, readers! This week, the headlines talk about Glassdoor’s new survey discussing talent shortages and how they’re one of the top challenges for many hiring managers today.

We also spotted a couple of procurement stories that may interest our CPOs out there. Our favorite headlines of the week are: Talent Shortage is Top Hiring Challenge, Survey Says (via Staffing Industry Analysts) Glassdoor recently released their Recruiting Outlook Survey, which revealed that nearly half of hiring decision-makers don’t see enough qualified candidates for open positions. Furthermore, 26 percent of respondents said they see talent shortages getting even more difficult within the next year as the U.S. economy continues to pick up momentum. Fifty-one percent of hiring decision makers noted that passive recruiting methods have been less effective in attracting highly qualified candidates in the past year. Glassdoor believes that old methods of recruitment and job search are simply not the way of the world anymore, and candidates are researching opportunities through new-age outlets like the Internet and social media. This could leave the door open for many of these companies facing skills gaps to hire freelancers to fill roles that need more technically skilled workers. Which Procurement Conferences Should You Attend? Start with Procurement Leaders (via Spend Matters) Although there are many conferences out there, when on a budget, it’s hard to pick just a seldom few to attend. Jason Busch of Spend Matters recommends Procurement Leaders, a conference he’ll be attending next week in Miami. Other conferences that should be on your list are Sourcing Interest Group’s (the SIG Summit is a favorite of ours!) and Institute for Supply Management’s as they manage a consistent high standard even though their demand grows globally. Call us biased, but the Beeline Conference is absolutely at the top of our list every year! Can Procurement be a Job for Life? (via Procurement Leaders) Electrolux’s CPO, Gregoire Letort, guest posted for Procurement Leaders and reflected on his career spent in procurement. Letort said that though he never envisioned a career in purchasing when he entered his professional life, his mind quickly changed when he found procurement 15 years ago. Procurement offers diversity and is a place where people can evolve – managing different commodities at different points in a career. Procurement is a place where people can grow and expand their skills – anything from managerial skills to financial numbers to effectively negotiating – and that’s what makes it a differentiator as a career. He ends by saying he never regretted taking on procurement in his career, and believes many engrossed in the industry can agree with him, too. That’s a wrap for the workforce headlines catching our eye this week. For workforce insights, continue to check back to the Beeline blog, as we post something new each week! Have a great weekend!

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