3 Reasons Why Millennials Belong in the Extended Workforce

Millennials. We are stereotyped as being narcissistic, sheltered, entitled, shallow, and the list goes on.  We are the generation of “having our cake and eating it too.” We grew up with helicopter parents, who made sure that each kid got a trophy at competition time.

Millennials are those born during the metamorphic decades of the 80s and 90s, when the technology boom catapulted the world into an unprecedented level of real-time global information and placed it at our fingertips. For us older millennials, we remember the days of our first home computer, complete with high-speed (more like slow-speed) dial-up Internet. Younger millennials, however, have grown up with an unrivalled level of connectedness. With the evolution of the smartphone and social media, it is no wonder that communication via text, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the chosen forms of conversation for this age group.

How Millennials are Reshaping the Workforce for the Better

Despite the negative stereotypes, the reality is that this generation—my generation—embodies so much more than our predecessors give us credit. Here are three reasons why we not only belong in—but are also reshaping—the workplace for the better.
  1. We are hungry. We came of age during a recession. A huge one, in fact. One unseen since the Great Depression, nearly 80 years prior. For those of us entering the workforce during this tumultuous time, entry-level jobs were scarce. Getting a foot in the door was a long shot. For this reason, most of us are appreciative of the professional opportunities we are given and recognize first-hand that good jobs aren’t a dime a dozen.
  2. We are flexible. We grew up with access to global information whenever, wherever we needed it. For this reason, we are accustomed to doing things, including working, during odd (or non-traditional) hours. Technology is global, and we are likely to understand that doing business in today’s world involves some accommodation for different time zones during “off” hours.  And because we are so connected, working with global demands while balancing our personal lives has never been more achievable, and we are capitalizing on it.
  3. We are resourceful. Because we grew up in the age of technology, the chances are strong that if you give us a job to do, we will figure out a way to get it done. It’s in our nature to exploit every avenue of knowledge and insight available to us to solve a problem. What’s even better, is that we welcome the challenge.
So what does all of this mean for the new age of the workforce? It’s no big surprise that millennials are trending toward a direction of creating and marketing their greatest brand—themselves. Research provided by the Aberdeen Group estimates that by 2018, the number of independent workers in the United States is expected to rise to 35 percent, up from a currently estimated 26 percent.

How Beeline and OnForce are Changing the Game for Millennials and the Companies that Source Them

Organizations are smart to want a piece of the pie and Beeline’s innovation is paving the road for this new wave of work style. In August 2014, Beeline announced its acquisition of OnForce freelancer management system (FMS). Since then, Beeline has expanded OnForce from an FMS to a complete talent exchange and online work platform. Furthermore, Beeline recently unveiled its newest development, OnForce Sourcing, the industry’s first and only self-sourcing solution for vendor management systems. This innovative and revolutionary approach allows companies to search for, negotiate with, and engage directly with non-employee talent through their VMS. OnForce Sourcing is the first plugin for VMS, where contractors (and freelancers) are self-sourced safely with the governance and oversight demanded by enterprise firms. This new integration allows Beeline customers to connect to the OnForce community—a robust and continuously growing network of talent who enjoy more autonomy in managing their careers and who want to work with the world’s best companies. “Over the last 10 months, a dedicated team has been laser focused on realizing our vision of connecting talented professionals directly to the companies that need them,” said Doug Leeby, Beeline president. “Fifteen years ago, Beeline and the VMS industry revolutionized the manner in which contractors were sourced and managed,” added Leeby. “Today, we lead again in innovation. Now our clients can simply flip a switch to get unprecedented access to talent that requires no implementation, complies with talent sourcing policies, and is ridiculously easy to use.” As baby boomers progress towards retirement and a new crop of workers enters the workforce, it is imperative that organizations find new ways to engage this up-and-coming talent pool. While they may be non-traditional, and like every generation before them, have their own unique challenges to overcome, millennials bring a fresh perspective and add tremendous value to the vastly evolving world of both full-time employment and the extended workforce. What are your thoughts about the value of millennials in the workforce? Be a part of the conversation happening now on Twitter.

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