The State of Contingent Workforce Management Research Needs Your Input

Today’s “extended” workforce has a critical impact on businesses across the globe: no matter the size or industry, all organizations are actively finding that non-employee labor, from freelancers to contractors to SOW-based services, affects day-to-day operations and crucial enterprise projects.

The extended workforce of 2015 requires that businesses have adept capabilities for driving visibility (into costs, compliance, and quality), maintaining control, balancing spend and talent management strategies and processes, and having access to the variety of talent sources in today’s market. As companies evaluate their current contingent workforce management programs, they realize that they often fall short.
In October, Ardent Partners is set to publish the third annual edition of its landmark State of Contingent Workforce Management research report. Just as in years past, we are asking for participation from professionals and executives around the world that are currently utilizing the many labor types within the extended workforce.
The upcoming, third annual edition of Ardent’s State of CWM research study will:
  • Highlight the evolution of the extended workforce and its many talent sources.
  • Discuss the role of technology and automation in managing the non-employee workforce, and how innovation is shaping how businesses find, engage, source and manage their talent.
  • Detail best-in-class strategies, capabilities, and processes for transforming CWM programs into well-oiled, effective units.
  • Identify the market trends that will shape the non-employee workforce industry in the months and years ahead.
Click here to participate in Ardent’s new State of Contingent Workforce Management research survey. All respondents will receive a complimentary edition of the report upon publication in October.

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