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Enhanced IQN Compass Dashboard Charts Elevate Program Decision-Making

Wayne Moles
Visibility into your non-employee program is the ultimate reason to use a vendor management system (VMS). It drives tactical and strategic decision-making to optimize spend, quality and workforce mix and reduce risk. IQN is hard at work ensuring you can access the program information you need in a personalized, easy-to-use, interactive fashion. We are pleased to announce the latest from the IQN Intelligence suite of solutions—IQN Compass Dashboard Charts. Approximately June 17, 2016, IQN will add more data and functionality to the IQN Compass Dashboard via Charts. These user-friendly Dashboard Charts deliver centralized insights and data needed to make informed, intelligent decisions. Charts also keep users updated with system news messages and recent activity feeds. Plus, users can configure their charts layout, ensuring the most important data is presented first. And users can interact by drilling down in select charts for even more detail. IQNCompass_screen The following charts will be available approximately June 17, 2016:
  • Requisition by Status – Instantly get a bird’s-eye view of all requisitions in your organization by status from this bar chart.
  • Assignments Ending – Gain insight into changes in your organization’s headcount View the number of assignments ending in the next 30 days broken out by job category and assignments with the following statuses: Awaiting Start Date, Effective, and Effective–Onboard.
  • Assignment Count by Location – See effective assignments by metro area on a U.S. map.
  • Spend/Assignment Count Comparison – View spend and assignment count over time for the past twelve months.
  • Pending Actions – Know approval, alert and other items requiring your attention.
  • System News Messages – Important messages are created and broadcasted to you via the IQN application display in this panel. The System News Messages widget helps you keep informed about organization-wide messages.
  • Activity Feed – Get quick access to recent comments and notes made by another user on requisitions you manage. View and link into comments made by another user, such as interview comments made on a requisition. Click or tap the comment link and you’re redirected to the Candidates tab of the corresponding requisition.
IQN is committed to the continued development of charts, ensuring you and your key stakeholders maximize the value and benefits offered through the IQN Compass Dashboard. As with all functionality, we would love to hear your feedback and ideas around how to drive further value from your Dashboard Charts experience. Join the discussion on I-ON today!

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