Adapting to the “Gig Economy” – Ardent Partners’ New State of CWM Research Study

The “future of work.” The “gig economy.” Flexible, independent workers. Online staffing. On-demand talent platforms. The world of work is changing and evolving, with new market dynamics shaping how today businesses address their talent-based needs.

The scope of contingent workforce management (CWM) seemingly progresses more and more each year, forcing organizations to continually re-evaluate how they approach the intricate balance between various initiatives, including compliance, savings, quality, and visibility.
Ardent’s annual State of Contingent Workforce Management research study, now in its fourth year, has become a “guidebook” of sorts to help businesses understand current market trends and how they affect contingent workforce management programs. The upcoming research report will discuss, in detail, how today’s enterprises are adapting to the “new world of work.”

Participate in the new CWM Research Study

The upcoming study (click here to participate in the research survey that will help shape the findings) will also highlight:
  • The significance of online and on-demand staffing
  • What the “future of work” truly means for organizations
  • How the “gig economy” will continue to shape the business world
  • How innovation is transforming how talent is found, engaged, sourced, and managed
  • The best-in-class strategies, solutions, and capabilities that will help all businesses manage their CWM programs better in the months ahead
Click here to participate in the new survey, which will take about 15 minutes of your time. The first 100 participants will be invited to an exclusive “early research findings” webinar in mid-September.