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Listening to the Voice of our IQN Community

Wayne Moles
  Same goes for IQN. We listen to the voice of our IQN community—our customers, MSP and technology ecosystem partners, and industry analysts—to help guide us as we address market trends and business changes in the contingent workforce management (CWM) industry. From enhancing the technology innovations and customer experiences that we deliver, to expanding our global partner ecosystem with value-add solutions, we focus on what matters most to “our people” when pursuing growth strategies and establishing product direction. Christopher J. Dwyer, Research Director and VP of Operations, Ardent Partners is a highly respected thought leader in our IQN community. One of the world’s foremost spend management experts and a leading CWM authority, Christopher has authored hundreds of research studies and evangelized the evolution of the non-employee workforce. IQN turns to Christopher and his colleagues at Ardent Partners for insight on the fast-growing non-employee labor market, which now comprises 35 percent of the total global workforce. In an October 2016 Solution Spotlight on IQNavigator published by Ardent Partners, Christopher presented the firm’s perspective on the technology marketplace, recent market research conducted on IQN, and a comprehensive solution provider profile of IQN’s Compass Vendor Management System (VMS) platform. Included in Ardent’s findings are the top challenges faced by today’s businesses in regards to CWM, as noted in the below figure. ardent-finding-nov-2016-solution-spotlight Ardent’s findings on the leading issues in CWM align with what we’ve been hearing for years from our IQN community. And, when our community speaks, we do more than just listen. We take actions so that our services and product offering deliver greater value and relevancy. Take, for example, the CWM challenges identified in the above chart. Our customers are today tackling those issues and more through IQN Compass VMS along with complementary applications offered by our ever-growing partner ecosystem. Here’s a quick recap of Ardent’s perspective on how we are solving:
  • Lack of intelligence and visibility: Read “IQN’s Analytics and Reporting (and ATOM)” section for Ardent’s analysis on how we provide deep insight for day to day decision making.
“With the idea of “insight” at hand, the IQNavigator data science team developed a new functionality: the Automated Talent Ontology Machine (ATOM), which is a cognitive learning and intelligence application that helps IQN’s users drive better overall business decisions and serves as a centralized resource of knowledge for understanding the future.” Ardent Partners, October 2016
  • Need to control and mitigate compliance risks: IQN users can leverage the industry’s first user configurable Rate and Time engine managing global labor compliance and taxation, along with sophisticated controls for onboarding and offboarding contingent workers.
  • Pressure to reduce costs and/or improve savings: The report explains how IQN supports the cost-effective management of fluctuations in workforce demand, the acceleration of project deliverables, and cost containment to support profitable growth.
  • Need to improve how talent is engaged: Turn to the section on IQN’s Talent Pools to read how our solution enables varied and wide-ranging engagement strategies, including on-demand sources of talent, along with “Request for Talent” functionality, which simplifies and streamlines processes for hiring managers who are not VMS experts.
Whether your organization is already an IQN customer/partner or considering VMS options, I encourage you to download Ardent’s report and keep your input coming. Thanks to the voice of our community, IQN leads the VMS industry in technology innovation, customer experience and partner ecosystem.
“The continued progression of the VMS solution set is a clear indicator that, in an age when talent is a pure competitive differentiator, innovation is at the core of tomorrow’s non-employee workforce management programs. IQNavigator’s platform of functionality and services, which represent many attributes of innovation, helps its users take best advantage of their critical contingent and non-employee workforces.” Ardent Partners, October 2016

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