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How to Attract and Retain the Millennial Workforce

Wayne Moles
#1 Authenticity Generation Y care greatly about authenticity within your brand and organization.  Imitating competitors or not standing firm on core values can drastically harm the way millennial talent view your company’s brand. Don’t be afraid to make your values known.  Be open about your mission statement, strive to embody core principles within the company culture among employees and be okay with progress over perfection. #2 Transparency For millennials in the workforce, Glassdoor has become one of the most influential websites when it comes to reviewing and selecting the best companies to work for. One of the reasons for this involves transparency on what’s like to work at your organization. Being honest about deliverables, business metrics and mistakes along the way can foster a sense of communication and partnership, helping millennials to feel connected to a cause and mission greater than themselves. #3 Professional Development and Inclusion Prior generations were taught to get a job and build retirement investments through their jobs. This made loyalty to an organization almost automatic. Many millennials have learned that job security can change instantly- so their loyalty remains with people, not companies.  They are constant learners and openly embrace change and evolving in their respective careers. Although millennial talent move job to job every 2-3 years, they often maintain solid relationships with former colleagues throughout the course of their career. Providing professional growth opportunities— such as mentorship with leadership, cross-training, and educational courses— millennials can stay constantly challenged beyond work tasks and responsibilities. Companies that embrace the different perspectives while proactively collaborating various strengths among how the various generations operate in the workplace create a culture and environment that is attractive to top talent, regardless of age. As a Top 5 HRO’s Bakers Dozen MSP Provider, The Bartech Group (Bartech) offers quality staffing and MSP solutions to high- profile, prominent companies that seek the best talent within various job sectors. Since 1977, Bartech has remained focused on high integrity leadership, tuning into our customers, and producing stars through putting our candidates at the heart of everything we do. If you would like to engage in further dialog on this topic with your peers and industry experts, join Bartech and IQNavigator at the IQN Community Forum on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 in San Francisco for an engaged conversation of what we can all do to attract and retain the Millennial workforce. REGISTER HERE 

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