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Perspective & Gratitude: Reflections from the Road

Wayne Moles
Less than two weeks ago, Genesys sponsored the IQN Community event in Charlotte, NC. This event, like all other IQN Community events, congregated industry leaders with the collective goal of sharing their contingent workforce practices, perspectives, and strategies in a collaborative setting. At this one event alone, over $3 billion in annual contingent workforce spend was represented by their various leaders and stakeholders. Historically these community events have centered on contingent workforce management best practices but this most recent event was focused on emerging industry sourcing trends including talent cloud solutions like Genesys. Enterprises engaged in talent cloud sourcing have captured numerous benefits including cost savings, broader access to talent, and improved cycle times. But there is an even greater value above and beyond those that we often overlook as we focus on various performance and financial metrics: the impact on individual experience and lives. As anyone in talent acquisition can attest, candidate experience through traditional sourcing channels has deteriorated substantially over the past 15 to 20 years for a wide variety of reasons which most of us can enumerate. Over the last few years, the workforce management and talent acquisition industries have awakened to that reality and recognizing the negative impacts to talent acquisition, retention, and performance, have begun to pursue solutions that create more positive experiences and outcomes for the candidate. Genesys is among those seeking to re-focus on the needs of the worker as the path to enterprise value. By giving the talent back some degree of pride, autonomy, and breadth of choice as well as a more efficient and transparent process, we hope to make a difference in their work search and employment experiences – and therefore their lives. We are grateful to the individual candidates who have put their faith in Genesys and given us that opportunity to make a difference – they are at the center of everything we do and make it all possible. We are extremely thankful to have that kind of opportunity this Thanksgiving. And we are equally thankful to have the support of our IQNavigator friends and colleagues in our mission. Our very best to all for a happy and blessed Thanksgiving 2016.

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