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Dreams Do Come True…In The Wall Street Journal

Wayne Moles
As we traveled around, we had a great time talking and I shared with Doug that one of my life goals is to have a Wall Street Journal hedcut illustration done of me—which would of course mean that something that I’d done had been featured in the paper itself. Little did I know that my dream would come at least partially true when I was quoted in the Journal in a recent article entitled, “Counting Up Contractors is a Tricky Business”! The article covers the multitude of reasons that companies and government agencies have trouble determining just how many non-employee workers there are: “… because contractors actually do the work of a different company, government agencies and even employers have difficulty tracking the numbers.” This is an issue for a number of reasons—the most important of which is how can you manage and optimize what you don’t have true visibility into. The size and impact of this issue is going to grow significantly as we know that companies are going to use a greater number of contractors with each pass year and that those contractors are going to become even more critical to their businesses’ bottom line! As I say in the article: “We start talking to prospective clients, and they can’t tell us how many nonemployees they have,” says Brian Hoffmeyer, a global vice president at Beeline+IQN​, a software provider that helps companies track outside workers. Some companies have no way to monitor “who has access to their systems, their quality, or their pay.” The good news is that there is an industry (and specifically a company: Beeline+IQN) that is adept at ​helping companies all over the world capture all kinds of contractors in an easy-to-use process that drives better visibility and decision making, reduces risks, and helps ensure that they get the right person at the right time, cost and quality. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help, reach out to us here. And, if you can help me find a way to get that hedcut done, well, that would be great too!

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