Beeline’s partner network: Greater than the sum of its parts

I love to cook. It’s my number one passion and my wife and I regularly host dinner parties for our “framily” (our term for our mixed group of family and friends). At a recent dinner, there was a discussion of which of my dishes was each person’s favorite. The winner – after considerable impassioned, yet socially distanced, debate was my fried chicken sandwiches. These sandwiches are insanely good and perfectly illustrate the prime directive of what I call “sandwich theory”, which is this:
For a sandwich to be truly exceptional it must taste better than the sum of its parts.
The crispy thigh meat (brined in pickle juice), snappy dill pickles, zippy hot sauce, cooling lettuce, and soft potato bun combine in such a way that is much greater than each taken individually and results in very happy eaters!
Similarly, Beeline’s Partner Network is greater than the sum of its parts as the ingredients (partners) in it work together to ultimately deliver value, helping Beeline’s clients realize their tactical and strategic contingent workforce goals. The analogy extends further in that all of the partners involved benefit in an outsized way as well. For example, we’re currently working with one of our MSP partners to incorporate our personality assessment partner, Traitify, into their candidate screening process. Traitify is already integrated into Beeline and, by leveraging them, the MSP can screen candidates better and faster than they could otherwise. The end client fills requisitions faster with higher quality candidates, everybody truly wins!
Beeline believes in the strategic importance of our partner network for a number of reasons.
First and foremost, managing the contingent workforce is incredibly (and increasingly) complex. These complexities – such as the pantheon of rules and regulations that govern contractors – can’t be handled by any one system. Sure, the VMS is at the center of it, but we can’t do it alone. We need HR systems, financial tools, background check providers, screening and assessment software, talent pool management platforms to help clients achieve their desired results.
Second, Beeline is a best-of-breed provider, we do one thing, and endeavor to be the best VMS we can be. Sure, we could devote resources to building out functionality that, say, managed independent contractor compliance, but why would we when there are so many great providers out there who’ve already done that? Instead, using our modern architecture, we can quickly integrate and embed a partner’s software into ours. This has a number of knock on benefits including letting us deliver more functionality, faster and freeing up Beeline’s developers to focus on our core mission.
Finally, in today’s world, many customers have existing relationships with providers that are part of their own networks. Customers can bring these providers to us and incorporate them into their Beeline processes.
Beeline’s partner network is ever growing and improving. We regularly think about who we should partner with, investigate new partners, and add more integration capabilities. We do this based on changing market conditions, requests from customers and MSP partners, our development roadmap, and even, from time-to-time, cold calls from potential partners themselves. This approach ensures that our Partner Network evolves and continues to meet our clients’ changing needs.
There’s a lot of more detail that we could go into on the drivers behind the different categories of organizations we partner with and the benefits that each offers to help the partner network be more than the sum of its parts, we’ll save that for a future blog installment. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about our partners visit
This blog was written by Brian Hoffmeyer, SVP Market Strategies, Beeline.

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