About the Podcast

Join us as we discuss industry insights, current trends, and future thought provoking topics to make you more valuable to your stakeholders. Each month, a new guest from the procurement ecosystem will join Beeline’s CPO Mike Schiappa to discuss their area of expertise, passions and more.


Thought provoking Topics

20 yrs

Global Procurement Experience

Fortune 500


Meet Mike

Michael Schiappa is Chief Procurement Officer for Beeline. With more than 20 years of global procurement experience at Fortune 500 companies, Michael specializes in procurement operations, strategic sourcing, supplier performance management, and contingent labor solutions. Besides building a world-class procurement organization within Beeline, Michael educates our technology teams on procurement organizations’ real-world requirements.  On his podcast, Mike will bring you thought leadership, industry insights, current trends, and thought-provoking topics around the procurement ecosystem. 

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