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Defining the Analytics Evolution Within MSP Programs

How well do you know your worker program data?  Does the thought of business intelligence, predictive analytics, or data science send you in a panic?  If so, you’re not alone. 

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The unpredictable economy…how will it impact your talent engagement strategies?

There’s no crystal ball.  In fact, tracking economic predictions is like being in a room full of bouncing, rubber balls.  To start out the year, the Congressional Budget Office issued their report that hinted at signs of an economic slowdown.

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Compliance Front and Center When Accessing Contingent Talent Globally

Now more than ever, Globalization is directly impacting the workforce of today, making it possible for companies to identify, attract and engage talent globally.

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A Culture of Philanthropy. A Partnership of Healing.

We love the opportunity to shine a spotlight on our clients and are honored to share the work that Southwest Airlines is doing with Rethreaded, a local Jacksonville organization that helps women reclaim their lives after surviving the world of human trafficking.

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AI Recruiting: The Importance of the Human Touch in Hiring

In staffing, we constantly lament the shortage of skills or the war for talent acquisition. Scarcity is a mindset that has largely stifled innovation.

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Cultural Alignment for a Successful Global Expansion

Businesses most often make the decision to expand overseas to diversify risk and income streams, while reducing dependence on a single market. However, success relies not only on an outward looking mind-set, but also a solid strategy and execution.

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Employee Retention Strategies 101: Workplace Education

As talented employees move between companies with increasing regularity, businesses are faced with a challenge: how to consistently retain their best and brightest. This article explores the use of continual employee education as a retention strategy that benefits both talent and employers.

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The New Standard for Procurement Innovation

Many procurement executives talk about making the procurement function more “strategic” in order to increase its value to the organization. But few have done as much to implement that vision as Kai Nowosel, chief procurement officer (CPO) at Accenture, the global professional services giant.

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Get More Out of Your Contingent Workforce

Every year, you face the same challenge: You need to recruit dozens or even hundreds of contingent workers in record time and for limited-term contracts. This could be due to the seasonality of your products or services, or to the production peaks created by the rhythm of innovation.

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Talent Ecosystems and the power of Direct Sourcing

Direct sourcing or self-sourcing is a model that continues to gain traction throughout the contingent labor staffing market. This model allows the MSP to drive increased revenue while fulfilling the client’s need for quality labor at the right price.

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Looking for a new way to sell your Contingent Workforce program’s value to stakeholders? Use Net Promoter Score.

One of the most powerful ways to communicate your program’s value revolves around listening to your stakeholders. As Staffing Industry Analysts points out in a recent online article, a very effective way to sell your program is by instituting a formal measurement process that focuses on the “Net Promoter Score (NPS).”

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Drive Program Results

Contingent workforce programs have many different drivers, but your VMS can accommodate all of them, here’s how.

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