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Expanding Your Contingent Workforce? Things to Consider

If you’re looking to expand your contingent and SOW workforce solutions across the country, or around the world, understanding the requirements, practices, and regulations in each state, country or region is critical to success.

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The Good, The Bad, and the really UGLY of SOW!

Our Beeline and Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) partner events have really resonated with our audiences and the sessions held across Melbourne and Sydney in March 2018 were no different!

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The Case for Putting Technologies at the Centre of Your Workforce Strategy

Beeline believes that innovative technologies will form a critical foundation, not simply in the quest for total visibility, but in the management of that data once it is known. If Big Data was the goal in the noughties, then by 2020, we should all be thinking more in terms of "Smart" or "Actionable" Data.

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Blockchains Digital Ecosystems and the Human Cloud Will Reinvent Talent Acquisition

Today's businesses are facing urgent talent acquisition challenges. Chief among these challenges are the antiquated ways talent is assessed - compounded by the struggles of agencies to correlate recruiting to high performance and results.

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How Self-Sourcing Can Help You Attract Top Contingent Talent

Managing a contingent workforce program doesn't have to be daunting. With the right partner and technology at your disposal, you can easily source top talent -- all without sacrificing quality or exposing your company to unnecessary risk.

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Success in SOW Management-Defining and Delivering Business Value

The challenge often faced by new SOW programs is that stakeholders may have a difficult time articulating the kind of detailed program expectations necessary to develop and deliver a successful solution.

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Start Managing Your SOW Today

A question that has been bubbling up in the APAC region is, "What will I do with my Statement of Work (SOW) spend and how can it be best managed?" In fact, in a recent webinar with Brightfield, they stated that 20% of people are saying that SOW is a priority for them and on their agenda for expansion planning this year.

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SOW Management Change Journey

Building a successful SOW management program can be a challenge. Most companies have at least some level of process complexity or process gaps (or both), tool diversity (VMS, ERP, contract management system, HRIS, etc.), governance misalignment, and resource constraints.

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Transforming SOW to Bring True Business Value

For too long, the MSP segment of the non-employee labor industry has touted statement of work (SOW) as the next big thing and promised SOW management services that would transform a company’s supply chain.

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A Friend at Disney

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, Beeline has to balance the standard functionality of our VMS with the non-standard needs of our clients.

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IR35 changes in the UK drive need for even greater visibility?

Regardless of your political leanings, I think most people can agree that governments worldwide often pass laws and regulations that have unintended consequences and create new problems without fixing the ones they were designed to address.

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The Optimization of Work: The Next Goal for Contingent Workforce Management

Today's contingent workforce management (CWM) program managers already have a full plate: manage the influx and outflux of non-employee workers

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