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The advancement of sophisticated data and analytics is creating new possibilities across the non-employee labor world, offering companies previously unimaginable ways to position their programs for success unthinkable only a few years ago. New analytics platforms and tools allow companies to improve outcomes across the entire organization – now multiple departments can be reached through different components and aspects of analysis.

In this webinar, GRI Chief Data Officer Salema Rice talks about how choosing the right data and analytics partner can support departments including human resources and procurement in ways that support their goals, yielding strategic outcomes that benefit the company as a whole. To take advantage of the most current data analytics processes, companies need to choose a partner that can generate individualized models that best-serve clients, positioning them for program success. Those strategic models should address:
• What happened
• Why it happened
• What you should do next

At this critical intersection of talent and technology, it is essential to have a data and analytics partner that complements your existing VMS while adding more comprehensive market and bench-marking data. Join us to learn how you can make the best decision for your company.

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