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Many companies face challenges today in managing their expanding non-employee workforce programs – focusing particularly on small suppliers. With over 40% of employers globally having difficulty in filling open positions and gig workers making up nearly 30% of today’s workforce in the U.S, many are turning to experimentation with access to these small suppliers to fill those gaps. Companies are choosing this path in large part because Talent is becoming more and more active in managing their own careers and choosing to work with a small cadre of known resources instead of working at large organizations.

But the management of many sub-vendors and staying compliant requires administrative know-how, resources and discipline. The tides are turning today toward a model where smart companies are engaging small firms to satisfy talent needs. By leveraging small firms, enterprises can diversify their talent base and gain access to otherwise unavailable skills which are manifest in these small firms and individuals who have taken control of their own talent brand. Best in breed companies are leaning on their program offices, VMS’ and prime contractors to offload those administrative headaches (and possible nightmares!) associated with intellectual property protection, invoicing and payment management, contract management and proper vendor workers classification. The business efficiencies gained and the financial benefits of sub-vendor engagement are great, but the need for administrative overhead to protect the enterprise are even greater.

Our one-hour webcast will present tangible, sensible ways to help you understand how to safely engage small suppliers does the following:
1. Enables vendor consolidation or supply base management size, helps procurement category management, increases workload capacity, standardizes client contract provisions
2. Protect the enterprise’s valuable IP
3. Increased business efficiency, while reducing risks
4. Reduce costs
5. Enables compliant engagement of non-preferred small service providers, preservation of preferred supplier tiering

Join Teresa Creech, CEO, TalentWave and Doug Leeby, CEO, Beeline on August 14, 2018 to learn how this trend is becoming the ‘new normal’ in in eyes of Procurement Specialists, Contingent Workforce Program Managers, HR, Finance and IT leadership who often engage with smaller, specialty providers.

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