Event Details

Join Greg Muccio, Karen Thrasher and the Southwest “People” team for the 2nd ClubVMSA Meetup at Southwest Airlines in Dallas, TX. Groups will dialogue on these hot topics:

  • Background Audits. Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is a very hot topic. How do you make sure you’re getting enough information so you know you’re protected while not requiring too much PII?
  • Scorecard. Does anyone measure Risk? If so, how is that measured? Is there anything outside of cost quality and efficiency you measure?
  • Engaging Retiree and Alumni (self-sourcing update). Hopefully updating some success we have had as well as asking what self-sourcing tools everyone else is using
  • Mark-ups. How do you determine markups? Are they set by title/labor category? What is your exception process if working with set markups?


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