Advisory Services

Delivering value for the life of your program

Throughout the life of your program, you want to ensure that your Vendor Management System (VMS) is providing all the value it can for your organization. To help you maximize that value, we provide a wide range of business services that help your program grow and adapt to meet your changing workforce requirements.

Our business services bring together expertise learned from hundreds of VMS implementations for Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations throughout the world, as well as the collective first-hand experience of the most seasoned team of professionals in the contingent workforce industry.


What you need

Whether you manage your contingent workforce program internally or partner with a managed services provider (MSP), we offer services that can help you reduce risk, optimize cost savings and process efficiency, upgrade performance, enhance compliance, and demonstrate your program’s value to your stakeholders.

Ask yourself these questions:
How well does your program run today?
How do your users—especially hiring managers—view your program?
How do your executives view your program?
How do your suppliers view your program?
Is everyone getting the full value they are expecting?
What could be done differently to fulfill those expectations?

Engage an elite team of tenured technical and business experts

Our Advisory Service team focuses on a basic premise that every program manages a combination of cost, quality, efficiency, and compliance strategies. The team works to solve both business and technology challenges. We use practical experience and a data-driven methodology to offer a menu of services that focus on the industry’s most common opportunities to improve and elevate your program.

Our team’s experience goes well beyond their knowledge of VMS software solutions. These experts have walked in your shoes. Having led their own contingent workforce programs, they understand the challenges that can impede or enhance the success and growth of your program.

Among the benefits our services can provide:
Optimize VMS utilization by introducing industry-leading, best-in-class methodology, and business processes.
Enhance program performance related to business functions, technology enablement, and the validation of market trends using relevant internal and external data and analysis.
Solve business problems using advanced data tools and methodologies that employ complex analytics support and development.
Decrease costs while increasing quality and efficiency related to rate cards, rate management, and RFx.

These are just a few of our advisory service areas

  • Business Process and Technology Configuration Assessment
Rate Management
  • Rate Card Development
  • Industry Benchmark Survey and Analysis
Quality Management
  • Requirements and Tactical Sourcing Root Cause Analysis
  • C-Suite Assessment
Risk and Compliance Assessment
  • Resource Management Strategies and Classification
Business Case Development Support
  • Expansion Support
  • Tool and Technology Assessment
  • Complex Business or Global Expansion ROI
Advanced Analytics Support
  • Scorecard Development
  • Custom Analytics

Spend & Process Analysis

Understanding the current state of your contingent workforce management program is critical. So is having the right insight and expertise to move your program forward.

Knowing your contingent workforce management program’s strengths and gaps is vital to getting the greatest value from your non-employee workforce. It is also critical in planning strategically for your program’s future, including:
  • Deploying the right technology solution
  • Anticipating business and regulatory changes that will impact your VMS configuration
  • Maintaining proper alignment of systems, processes, and procedures to meet your program goals
Our Advisory Services team can help you:
  • Improve processes
  • Mitigate risk
  • Significantly reduce program costs
  • Optimize system design and VMS configuration

Our Spend & Process Analysis assessment helps you establish a baseline for your contingent workforce program, whether you are launching a program or ready for expansion. Spend and process insights help you define and enhance your overall program quality and accelerate value realization.

Ensuring that your VMS is closely aligned with your program objectives will enable you to deliver greater program value across your organization. Outcomes of our assessment include:

  • Compare your program with best-practice benchmarks from our client community
  • Summary of process and spend control opportunities and recommendations
  • ROI model of potential benefits based on typical deployments
  • Recommended course of action

Value Realization Framework

Optimizing your total workforce—including all use of non-employee talent—is vital to meet your global business
objectives. But are you realizing the full value of your contingent workforce program?

Your VMS can put you on the right track. But are you achieving the full potential of your VMS and managing your
contingent workforce program for optimal business outcomes?

Our Advisory Services team can show you how to improve
processes, mitigate risk, and significantly reduce your program costs.

Our Value Realization Framework assessment brings together your key program stakeholders in a facilitated workshop.
Together, we will measure and assess the value delivered by your contingent workforce program using data from your
Deliverables from this assessment include:

  • Program assessment based on data aggregation
  • Identification of program strengths and gaps
  • Opportunities to leverage best practices from our client community
  • Program enhancement action plan
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Contingent Workforce ROI Assessment

Are you in the process of establishing a business case for implementing or expanding a contingent workforce program? Or are you looking for ways to increase the ROI of your existing program? We can help.

Understanding the projected return on your investment is vital for justifying the value of any business initiative. However, many contingent workforce programs lack the insight into best practices for making day-to-day program decisions that will yield the greatest program value.

Consider the following:

  • Are you able to measure the impact of your program on your company’s bottom line?
  • Can you confidently project a timeline for achieving program benefits?
  • Are you looking to redirect or expand your program, but having a tough time nailing down a strategy and estimating
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ROI assessment to the rescue

We’ll review your program in detail and work with you to establish how you can bring the most value possible to your entire enterprise. Outcomes of our ROI assessment include:

  • Business case for implementing an extended workforce management program in your organization
  • Assessment of financial impact of VMS technology investment and program implementation, including hard and soft costs
  • ROI model that incorporates best practices from our client community, to help you build scenarios for program initiation, redirection, or expansion
If you don’t know the answers to any of the questions that will determine the success of your program—or if you not completely sure which questions to ask, it’s time to talk with our Advisory Services team.