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Beeline is the leading VMS for global enterprises. Our APIs allow clients to extend, automate and streamline their business processes within Contingent Labor and Services Procurement management.

Effective and efficient integration of Beeline with adjacent enterprise systems such as HRIS and ERPs is critical to enabling hiring managers and program managers to better align the ecosystem of technology. Learn how to synchronize the Beeline VMS by exploring the API tiles below.


We have a never–ending quest to exceed expectations and deliver on customer goals. This is possible through rapid delivery of innovative solutions, with exceptional quality, in a highly secure environment. All of this is powered through our technology and robust APIs. We are excited to launch our new developer portal this summer, to enable you with the tools you need for success. Check back often for updates!

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API Libraries

Foundation API

Foundational resources are secondary in nature to a core resource. The Foundational API provides access to resources that are used to describe a core resource such as a Request or an Assignment.

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Import Batch API

The Import Batch API operates differently than true REST in the sense that your system does not have to know which resource is new or just needs to be updated. Both new and updated resources are posted in a batch. The import batch logic will correctly detect if a resource in the batch payload should be created versus updated.

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Direct Sourcing

Direct Sourcing is the action of finding and engaging talent for contract positions, not through traditional staffing suppliers, but through direct access from your Vendor Management System (VMS) to internal and external talent pools. Explore Beeline’s Direct Sourcing API.

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Workday Connector

The Beeline Workday Integration automates the data exchange between Workday and Beeline VMS. Using a unique combination of Workday approved configurable APIs, Beeline Workday Connectors synchronize key reference data, contract a pre-hire to the appropriate position in Workday, and maintain the contract details between the Workday position and the Beeline assignment.

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